Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sleep over

My computer is finally cooperating so I can show you Charlotte's party pics.

 I set up a lounge in the backyard.  These are plastic 6ft garden stakes from Lowes ($4) hung with the homemade giant festooning from Oh Happy Day.  I'm sort of in love with these garden game changer for picnics, outdoor parties, etc.  Sadly, there are no great photos of this thanks to super harsh sun--only 20+ pics that look exactly like this.

This was the site of the junk food buffet that Char envisioned....there were a variety of potato chips in black and white popcorn boxes, Oreos and candy.  I served watermelon slices too so I didn't feel too guilty.  

There were some metallic tattoos and a silly string fight.

Dinner downtown + Claire's + glow sticks and cartwheels + some horrible tween Disney movie completed the sleep-over portion of the party...a little after midnight.  And then it was donut time.  

I was pleased with the mylar fringe and star combo.  It was designed to work with the coral walls; the purple table cloth was from Amazon (its rental quality) and was thrown in afterwards since the festooning was hot pink, peach and purple.   I recommend breakfast nooks for parties--limited space makes it easy to decorate.

I had yogurt, granola and fresh fruit to balance out the one ate it.  

Crazy favor bag and we're done.

Charlotte counted it a success.  

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  1. WOW! I love the outdoor space and then the kitchen was great. Love the jewel flower vases!