Thursday, June 25, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 6:25:15

I'm in Connecticut right now for a legal team meeting.  Yep, that is what we call them.  

When I get back from this, and then back from my vacation, I'm thinking of doing some of these 30 day challenges.  The question is how many is doable?   Also, I'm thinking of doing Whole30....which means I'll be so pissed off at life I probably won't exercise during said 30.

I'm loving this infographic on tattoos.

by Petrus01

And moving toward a different kind of art, these paper portraits are adorbs ($120):

Just intime for the 4th, here is a how-to on sparkler photos.

It's like Pinterest knows me...or is logging my keystrokes.  Either way, I appreciated this sponsored pin from Shindigz, even if they were too stupid to provide a direct link.

A brand new kitchen in a spare and rustic style via Remodelista.

And a chic apartment from Rue.

Eclectic and layered over on Lonny.


  1. I think the squat circuit is a great idea! I will report in.

  2. I love the paper portrait! That could be fun at every level. How did I miss that?
    Thanks for the inspiring rooms. I keep failing at the 'pull it all together' stage. I think I lack balance! I love the crazy wing backs and then the blue chairs are fun but not crazy and finally a calm couch- lovely.

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  4. Yikes- I thought you worked up from one of the squats to two of the pictured squats at the suggested intervals- I may have to do a 90 day circuit.