Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Weekly Devotional: 11.29.16

Did everyone have a good thanksgiving?  I didn't travel and I didn't host and it was .....magical.  I did pretty much all my Black Friday-ing online.  I always hit Gap/OldNavy/BR, J Crew, Kate Spade, and Lands End.  Every year.  What are y'alls go to's?  Who am I missing?  (Amazon doesn't count anymore).

Don't worry if you spent all your money.  Other people have plenty of it.  And we can just look at their homes.  If living in Notting Hill isn't sweet enough, these guys killed it on the interiors.  Via 1st Dibs.

A lovely NY home by an architect.  I think this first appeared in AD, but maybe I'm crazy.  It's on New York Cottages & Gardens.

How 'bout some farm houses?

One from Rue:

And one from LGN.  Well, this is more cabin than farmhouse but still.

Truth be told, I'm only so-so on farmhouses.  Although the amount of tile in the kitchen is truly impressive.  One thing I don't have to caveat?  A lacquered ceiling with a huge chandelier.  From the Southeastern Designer's Showhouse in ATL.

Switching gears to non interiors offerings, if you had forgotten about your wanderlust problem, try this collection of photos on Huff Post.

And for some self improvement, here are 8 amazing TED Talks every woman should watch in her 20s.  And they are good for those of us who were 30 when TED Talks started.

I'm writing this while waiting for Charlotte's ballet class to get out.  The class in the studio by the waiting room is playing a piano rendition of I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables.  Is it just that I spent too much time at an performing arts boarding school, or does that song make everyone SO SAD?  Not sure and need to test it?  Here is Anne Hathaway and here is Ruthie Henshall
(for those who ONLY kick it West End style)

Yep, I'm a little rusty at these devotionals but I'm sure its just like riding a bike.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New favs

La Sylphide du Bolshoi via

We had a busy weekend with lots of ballet and an Ikea run.  Looking forward to Indy's new Ikea (2018) so I don't have to drive 2 hours for affordable pillar candles and throw-away rugs. But I had some new favorites I need to declare:

New favorite upholstery option:  House of Hackney's 'Midnight Garden' cotton velvet.

Chic.  Hides stains.   I'm declaring it the chic-est kid friendly fabric ever.  Too bad I can't afford it.  In my head, I'm slipcovering my sofa in it (or buying a RH Belgian Track Arm and slipcovering it....also delightful on trad roll arm varieties).   Wouldn't that be the most?  Probably out of place in South Florida and Cali, but the rest of the country can enjoy.

New favorite powder room or entry wallpaper:  de Gournay's  'Deco Monkeys'

This is a category that is generally boundless, but right now these monkey's are bringing it with their art deco era charm.   Not as over-exposed as some of my chinoiserie favs.  Other colorways available, but this custom sterling leaf background is amazing.  Didn't bother to price it b/c, you know, de Gournay.  Probably costs as much as a year of college, and I'll have 12 of those coming up so will power.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hey there, #pantsuitnation

Holy.  Shit.  I'm not sure where you all are in the grieving process.  I for one have stopped ranting in my head about racism, and the overwhelming despair has lifted to an even-keeled, generally functioning depression.  I've largely stayed off of the internet these last few days, but my better half recommended this piece from the 538 blog and I agree--math is always there when you need logical perspective.  Or you could read this round-up of funny election tweets--they're just OK, my fav being "I predict that zero babies will be born 9 months from tonight."  

But do you know what always makes me feel better?  Balloons.  You can't be mad at balloons.  So I've rallied my best balloon pics to cheer you up.   

Geronimo Balloons via Instagram

Oh Happy Day's 10 year anniversary party; via Instagram

via Poppies for Grace

via Buzzfeed

via Babble

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy All Saints Day!

Hope you guys had a Happy Halloween!  So you know about the cowgirl, and to round out our loose theme of "classic Halloween" is a firetruck and a genie.  One more of that firetruck.

Adorbs.  It's like a cheesy ad for the portrait studio.

So this has been a crazy few months.  And mostly I neglected you, but I did try to post last week and apparently my laptop died of neglect.  I still have to spend some time at the Genius Bar--I'm on borrowed assets right now, but I had to send a message to the faithful.  

Since we last spoke, I interviewed and hired a new nanny.  She seems nice.  We had a trip to Florida planned and hurricaned out.  I've been to New York, Chicago, Charlotte and Nashville.  My basement continues to mysteriously flood at the slightest amount of rain.  After much nail biting and walking around with swatches, I bought a rug and a couch. We did our annual Halloween photos, obvs.  I co-chaired the 5th grade renaissance fair because why not.  And some more stuff, but I'm already boring myself so I'll spare you.

So what was fun?  NY (and Chicago, for that matter) made me feel a little old.  So I bought some stuff to weird up my wardrobe.  

Glasses, TopShop.  Coat, Zara.

Also, I went to CB2 in Soho....and it was surprisingly nice.  Way nicer than I remember.  I mean everyone loved the Peekaboo tables, but their upholstery was a little....suspicious.  In person, these chairs were smokin'.  They also have a good selection of upholstery material.  RH could take notes. 

I also think this bathroom set might be worth buying, even though I have 2 sets of uninstalled bathroom hardware in a closet somewhere.

I also checked out Reese Witherspoon's store, Draper James, in Nashville.  It was very cute, and had an AMAZING Lindsey Adelman chandelier.  

The clothes were a little pricey, but really lovely in person and seemed like good quality.  Lots of kitschy cocktail napkins, which I'm on the fence about.  It's like a bumper sticker--how long will it be funny?  That is a lot of pressure for embroidery.  But they give out free sweet tea with a cute paper straw and a paper wrapper that takes care of your cup sweating, so they get props from me.  It's also next door to Sprinkles.  

As for Chicago...these monkeys stole my heart.  I was weighed down with kids clothes, so I had to leave them behind but I may send for them by mail.  

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Well shit.

So, I was trying to research how genies are portrayed in popular culture.  When did they become harem girls?  This is not an easy question to answer.  

But then my nanny gave me her 2 weeks notice.  She is going to be a journalist, lest anyone think I ran her away.  So I have work to do.  Like finding another nanny.  Well shit.  So I was thinking about my favorite nannies....since my main requirement is driving Charlotte to ballet, none are actually suited for the position.  Ironic?

Monday, September 26, 2016


So you guys may have thought there was some weird reference/disjointed writing in the last post, it was because I thought I had already hit publish on this one!  

But anyhoo, the 40s cowgirl costume appears to be based on the iconic work of Nudie Cohn.  I threw down a Nudie Cohn reference in my house and it was not picked up.  So on the chance that you are missing this piece of new world design, here you go.

Nudie Cohn, via Wikipedia:

Nuta Kotlyarenko, known professionally as Nudie Cohn (December 15, 1902 – May 9, 1984), was a Ukrainian-born American tailor who designed decorative rhinestone-covered suits, known popularly as "Nudie Suits", and other elaborate outfits for some of the most famous celebrities of his era.[1][2] He also became famous for his outrageous customized automobiles.

Nudie may have started out making undergarments for showgirls (and what tailor named Nudie wouldn't go there first?), but it is his suits are what he is remembered for.  Nudie's most famous suit is the $10,000 gold lame suit that Elvis donned for an album cover.

But the gold lame number is not exactly a "Nudie Suit".  Nudie Suits are the crazy embroidered and embellished numbers favored by country music stars.  Including the band The Burrito Brothers, who I have never heard of but by the time you read this I will be fully versed on their catalogue and history.  He started out with country music, and while he dabbled in other things in the 70s and 80s, country is what he did best.  He started making stage wear for country stars in the mid 40s, after moving to California.  (Oh, and I think he came up with putting giant bull horns on the front of your Cadillac).  

A sampling of Nudie Suits.

Patsy Cline

A dress for Patsy Cline

A dress for  Dale Evans on the Roy Rogers show

He did all of Robert Redford's clothes for the movie Electric Horseman.

Nudie Suits are pretty collectible.  After 1963, Nudie added a bolero to the girl on the label.  Buyer beware.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Where have all the cowgirls gone?

Wondered what the context was for my Nudie Cohn reference?  Well, it's Halloween time and Molly is going to be a 40s Cowgirl, as imagined by Chasing Fireflies.  I clicked buy, and then bought some red cowgirl boots at Target b/c $60 for "costume" quality footwear on Chasing Fireflies seemed high.  A true win would have been these Stella McCartney Kids cowgirl boots.

Killing it.

I did a little research for hair and makeup purposes.  Now what makes a costume "40s cowgirl" as opposed to "50s cowgirl"?  Nothing.  Other than Halloween teaching our children that the 50s are about sock-hops and grease.   Children might be confused if we shove too much into one decade.

Dale Evans is probably queen of the vintage cowgirls.  Married to Roy Rogers, she had plenty of reasons to wear crazy western apparel that is absolutely impractical for actually being a cow hand.

One of her Nudie Cohn dresses :)

Need more vintage cowgirl to start your day?  No problem.

Yep, Veronica Lake in Western wear.  You're welcome.


OK, this is a "Texas Circus", but it seemed visually similar

This stuff is still floating around vintage shops, just waiting to be restyled by hipsters.

And where did all the cowgirls go?  Pills & booze.  Skin cancer.  Plane crashes, car crashes and horse crashes.  It was a hard life.

Unless otherwise marked, images from Google Image Search for "flowers and fringe on vintage western wear" and this Pinterest board.  

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