Friday, June 5, 2015


Yep, I'm taking the day off.  Well, except for two calls I already had scheduled.  I'll be running around and grabbing stuff for Charlotte's sleepover.  This is to be a low key party--dominated by the $150 worth of candy, silly string and glow sticks she purchased at the party store.  So I'm mostly cleaning.  As for errands, it is just picking up breakfast stuff and ice...probably balloons because I can't stop.....  I also think I'm going to paint the banquette today but I'm almost ready to admit it won't happen.  

I had thought about ordering these cute invites, but since I capped the guest list at 3 girls I just drew something in that general spirit.  I scanned it and used to add color and printed them (I punched the holes out to stay true to our notebook paper motif).   Charlotte likes pandas--its her "thing" these days.  I was too lazy to re-print with adjusted colors (it came out a little dark), so the palette won't really match the decor....a point that drives me crazy.  But this is a tiny, off-year party, right?

Oh Happy Day
For some of the decorations, we tried Jordan's Giant Festooning.  It is so amazing!  I whipped out ALOT of it pretty quickly.   It's one of those DIYs that is actually helpful--I usually have tissue paper around and if not I can grab it at a drug store, and the tools are scissors and a stapler.  Seriously, you could make this in your office over lunch (I don't recommend flying your freak flag that high, depending on your office, but you get the idea). 

My only comments on the instructions she posted are that I like to staple first and I also fold the strip to reduce cutting time.  Instructions I would reiterate are stick with 5-6 sheets--more than that, and it doesn't really work as well (won't twist). 

So I'm behind on my internetting this week (last 2?), but there is a new Lonny online and a new Domino on the stands we all need to check out.

Also, google monkey rodeo.  Modern Farmer featured it here.  There are monkeys that ride border collies on tiny saddles and perform rodeo tasks, like herding things.  Yes, they wear tiny cowboy outfits.  And yes, I am now obsessed with going to a monkey rodeo.  

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  1. A DIY that I can do at lunch- thanks. Perhaps I can single handily cheer up our sad office get togethers. I am not even going to click on the monkey riding the collie- I would never be able to stop!