Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 6.17.15

Hiya dudes.  This must be a short devotional because I wasted my whole night surfing iTunes and YouTube.  Its amazing how the minutes hours fly by.  Apparently having sick kids and a messy house really put me a Nina Simone mood.  

In personal news, I took one for the team and tried the new S'mores flavored Oreos.  Meh.  I can stop before I eat all of them, which is a plus.  But they don't scratch the itch and I'd rather just have some classic Double Stuffed.

If you didn't catch the internet glitter explosion that was the release of Emily Henderson's reno of the Bando headquarters....well, you need to catch-up.

Emily Henderson
Pride month is almost over, but if you are squeezing in some last minute festivities:  a rainbow recipe roundup.  Mostly I just love that this exists as a serious, informational article.

Whoa, this is one intense DIY.  I'd recommend picking up some cheap chairs at the end of the summer and saving this for a blizzard.  She provides super detailed, instructions, which I appreciate.  If any of you are a macrame goddess, please send pics.  I'll buy you a steak dinner if you can whip out one of these.  


A less intense DIY is this gem mirror.  A nice peice to throw around, but more importantly the tutorial made me think glass cutting isn't a big deal...which opens a new world of DIYs for me.

A Beautiful Mess

I'm a little obsessed with this site right now:  MochiThings.  Going to a Japanese office supply store in NYC was a pivotal experience in my college years.  It taught me that Asia owns office supplies.  Yeah, I love a french notebook as much as the next person, but the Japanese edge out the competition with their tabs, color coding, and cute post-its.  

And they have purse organizers.

Never say never stained glass windows was a GENIUS post at Coco + Kelley.  Any medium, in the right hands, can be awesome.

via Coco + Kelley
Desire to Inspire has been hitting it out of the park lately.  Its hard to archive all the goodness, since I tend to read it at work.  But check out the piece on Holley Hickey Moore, Melanie Stewart, this London Townhouse, and this redonk London townhouse reno that went down two stories.  


  1. Sorry the kids are sick! This was fun. Lots and lots to think about.

  2. Don't knock the rainbow jello- it is so fun to make and eat.