Thursday, September 4, 2014

Weekly Devotional: 8.29.14

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Did you have a good Labor Day Weekend.  I checked out a new thrift store, and made 20 freezer/crockpot dinner packs from this lady (using Costco List Plan #4).  I'll let you know how it works but I will say this:  her 2 hour estimate will not cover the clean-up, nor will it cover running to the store because you run out of something.  If you are on the internet, you see the above quote a lot this time of year--but you can buy it at this  Etsy shop.  They sell lots of quotes all typed on a vintage typewriter.  I love how specific their offerings are--and that they tell you about the vintage typewriter that they used.

Ottoman inspired textiles?  Don't mind if I do.  I originally found Aleta through Style Court (an excellent read, based in ATL).  Apparently I signed up for emails, because I got one indicating a sale is happening.  

And on the topic of buying things...Furbish has some great stuff right now.  Their constellation prints are on sale (what remains), and I'm eyeing this tortoiseshell tray.

And will someone buy this iPhone charger?  Its amazing, and I'm on the fence because I don't actually have nightstands right now.  But I think this would work on any nightstand, right?

Churchmember Tara left a link to this company in the comments (Back to School).  It is new-to-me, and pretty darn good.

And did I mention monogrammable?  Always a plus.
(back view)

This mansion was in disrepair and no one wanted it.  In 2012, it listed at $600,000.  But someone bought it and covered the first floor in granite and is trying to sell it to someone with more money than taste. For $5.5M.  The reno is not cute inside...take a peek and feel superior.  At 17,000 sq ft it probably requires quite a staff...and if you can afford a large staff why the hell are you living in Indianapolis?   But I won't shed too many tears because I can grab this Cotswald charmer:
Its a large but not too large 4000 sq ft, and is priced for the total renovation it requires ($300K).  Excellent daydreaming material.  Its a good thing I wasn't employed much before the recession hit--I would have taken those questionable lending practices out for a spin (and sobbed as the sheriff pulled me from my deGournay papered home).

If you spend too much time today cruising real estate listings, try this article on the BBC on how to pull an all nighter.  U Chicago's 24hr reading room gets a shout out :)

New York Magazine has some nice Slim Aarons photos of Lilly Pulitzer.  It was a little sparse, but I always enjoy Slim, and if you are a Lilly fan its worth a quick look.  But aren't we supposed to be talking about Fall?

If you or someone you know is gestating this fall, this store is hilarious.  I especially enjoy their "Say No to Condoms" t-shirt.

My kids are really into Phineas and Ferb, and they recently discovered a web-only series starring the show's nemesis, Dr. Doofenshmirtz...that is actually pretty good.  They are short editorials on popular culture, such as the Kardashians and What Does the Fox Say.  This gem is on last year's hit Call Me Maybe.

I debated posting this, but for some reason I still found it funny after watching it for the 5th time. So sorry if that was just me.  My husband has moved to a flexible work environment and he seems to have a lot fewer video recommendations so I had to resort to Charlotte and Molly.  Also, if you don't have a ChromeCast, grab one.  For $35, everything you watch on your phone can be watched on your TV (it plugs into the HDMI input and is about the size of a flash drive).

Oh, and I dare one of you to rip this off:

I secretly love conceptual art, and I not so secretly want to copy it.

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