Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to School

Is there anything better than crisp, clean paper and the smell of crayons?  I don't think there is. Back-to-school is the time to load up on office supplies and art supplies.  It will piss you off when you look for uniballs or crayola markers next month and they are twice the price.  I stock up for the year and grab extra crayola stuff for birthdays.  A lot of "student grade" art supplies will be available--think oil pastels and acrylic starter kits.  Also, graph paper is very hard to find any other time of year and graph paper is great for (a) looking science-y or (b) sketching floor plans and furniture ideas without a computer.  

Don't have a class list?  Awesome.  It's that time of year--treat yo' self.

  1. Sharpies--just don't get high.
  2. Graphic Tees 4EVR.  Make sure you wear a good bra if you're a grown-up.
  3. A shiny to-do list notebook from my fav office supply site
  4. A nice leather tote from Madewell, like you are too good for flashy brands instead of too poor.
  5. Taking your lunch is always a good idea--hit up the Mom Blogs this season for healthy ideas. The kids can eat cheetos, but I've got to lose weight.  
  6. This is the best pencil in the entire world.  No, seriously--like that's its thing.  Quality over quantity, ladies.
  7. Awesome kicks will make you look hip and help you avoid the "euro-comfort" section.


  1. Such sage advice. I was shocked by how hard it was to find graph paper off season.I have a mission! I have to make a trip to the store.

  2. RE: #4 - the tote. In my never ending quest for the perfect commuting bag i appreciate the Madewell bag. Simple, classic and practical. I also like some of JW Hulme's bags:, The big BUT is that if i was walking home from subway carrying one of these and it started raining (on the bag), I think i might cry regardless of so-called water proofing products. I'm not above carrying the big plastic bag to protect the cherished leather bag but that tote is BIG, garbage bag size big. Have to think on that....