Monday, September 8, 2014

Hold the Zeitgeist, I need some blinds.

We’ll get to sourcing in a minute, but first we need to discuss my Saturday.  The morning went down like this:  I’m feeding Henry and naturally feel obliged to check my phone for current Joan Rivers news.  Nothing there really, but thought I might like to know what Kim Kardashian has to say about her brother Rob’s troubles.  Heck yeah I do—I didn’t even know little Rob Kardashian was having troubles.  Turns out, his trouble is that he got fat and is addicted to weed and sizzurp.   If you know all about sizzurp, skip down to the pictures of rooms.

 Yes, sizzurp.  I had never heard of sizzurp, so I had to google it.  Googling unknown recreational drugs makes me feel old, but I was not prepared for what came next. 

The top result was a Wikipedia entry titled PurpleDrank.  Uh, question mark—clearly, I must click because Wikipedia’s SEO is never wrong.  Purple Drank (if you don’t care to click the link provided), is prescription cough syrup (taken at 25x the normal dosage) mixed with Sprite or Mountain Dew and a jolly rancher (that will cause some weight gain regardless of munchies).  Sizzurp is one slang term for Purple Drank.  Scrolling through the entry I get towards the bottom to see a Little Wayne quote about how hard it is to quit the Purple Drank (very hard, btw) FROM A 2008 INTERVIEW.

What the what?  I had to google a 6+ year old drug phenomenon?  And it is called Purple Drank, which should be pronounced emphasizing the last syllable…preferably with your mouth opening asymmetrically a bit to get a nice, nasal tone to it.  Say it with me:  Purple draaaNK.  Such an awesome name to say, and now I can’t make timely Purple Drank references so there is no reason to say Purple draanK a gazillion times a day and marvel that people besides reprobate 14 yr olds are getting high on cough syrup.  This is what happens when people work too much and have babies—the Zeitgeist passes them by.  [Cue tears of self pity]
On a positive note, Kevin and I learned more new English words on Saturday morning than I have in the last year.  And I found this ominous photo on the Atlantic:  white conservatives, immediately search your child's room for Jolly Ranchers and hip hop music.

House Beautiful, via
So what else is happening now?  Garage door shopping, which does not warrant a blog post, and an internal debate about bamboo blinds.  They are currently being considered for my bedroom and the living room.  I'd rather have custom romans, but those are really really expensive.  And since I'm buying a new rug and a new couch (more on that later), custom romans would need to be scheduled too far out for my low EQ to handle.

Question 1:  are bamboo blinds acceptable?

Phoebe Howard


Question 2:  natural/tortoise shell...or painted?

Design Crisis painted matchstick

Southern Exposure (tutorial)
Question 3:  drapes required?

Phoebe Howard

Question 4 (and here's the doozy):  bottom up blinds?  Oh the function...but I can't decide if it looks janky.

Design Manifest

Sorry for the smaller/blurry pics--bottom up is not easy to find.

And if you answered "no" to the first question, thoughts on this DIY/hack?

Tutorial on easy romans using matchstick blinds here
And can you glue really nice fabric to a matchstick to avoid the cost of romans?  Or should I stick with cheaper fabric?

So many questions--le sigh.  File this under first world problems, along with Purple Drank addiction.


  1. First - Why am I not getting post notifications anymore? I'm so far behind! Second - Yes, Lil Wayne has had some near-death experiences with the Purple Drank. Our household figures that, since fake IDs can't be created with some decent software, contact paper, and a laser printer anymore, kids these days have to turn to brewing up their own stuff from easily accessible ingredients. It seems they are getting so good that even the of-agers can't get enough. Third - LOVE the blinds, especially the ones with the inset border. Also, what about natural with a light dusting of gold? That was your advice to me regarding Ikea Expedit baskets. I think it applies well here, too.

  2. My votes on blinds - 1. yes, bamboo are acceptable; 2. i like painted; 3. drapes not required but it does finish things nicely (unless it's a beach house then not necessary); 4. not keen on the bottom up although it seems functional. As to the Purple Drank, disturbing and amazing. Taking cough medicine makes me want to gag and then fall asleep. Not sure what's so fun about that???