Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New favs

La Sylphide du Bolshoi via

We had a busy weekend with lots of ballet and an Ikea run.  Looking forward to Indy's new Ikea (2018) so I don't have to drive 2 hours for affordable pillar candles and throw-away rugs. But I had some new favorites I need to declare:

New favorite upholstery option:  House of Hackney's 'Midnight Garden' cotton velvet.

Chic.  Hides stains.   I'm declaring it the chic-est kid friendly fabric ever.  Too bad I can't afford it.  In my head, I'm slipcovering my sofa in it (or buying a RH Belgian Track Arm and slipcovering it....also delightful on trad roll arm varieties).   Wouldn't that be the most?  Probably out of place in South Florida and Cali, but the rest of the country can enjoy.

New favorite powder room or entry wallpaper:  de Gournay's  'Deco Monkeys'

This is a category that is generally boundless, but right now these monkey's are bringing it with their art deco era charm.   Not as over-exposed as some of my chinoiserie favs.  Other colorways available, but this custom sterling leaf background is amazing.  Didn't bother to price it b/c, you know, de Gournay.  Probably costs as much as a year of college, and I'll have 12 of those coming up so will power.

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  1. Time to paint some monkeys! They are fab but unless one wins the lottery...
    IKEA in Indy- you have arrived. Atlanta is still the only option at 5 hours. Really gotta want something specific and now with a little car-not too productive.