Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hey there, #pantsuitnation

Holy.  Shit.  I'm not sure where you all are in the grieving process.  I for one have stopped ranting in my head about racism, and the overwhelming despair has lifted to an even-keeled, generally functioning depression.  I've largely stayed off of the internet these last few days, but my better half recommended this piece from the 538 blog and I agree--math is always there when you need logical perspective.  Or you could read this round-up of funny election tweets--they're just OK, my fav being "I predict that zero babies will be born 9 months from tonight."  

But do you know what always makes me feel better?  Balloons.  You can't be mad at balloons.  So I've rallied my best balloon pics to cheer you up.   

Geronimo Balloons via Instagram

Oh Happy Day's 10 year anniversary party; via Instagram

via Poppies for Grace

via Buzzfeed

via Babble

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