Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy All Saints Day!

Hope you guys had a Happy Halloween!  So you know about the cowgirl, and to round out our loose theme of "classic Halloween" is a firetruck and a genie.  One more of that firetruck.

Adorbs.  It's like a cheesy ad for the portrait studio.

So this has been a crazy few months.  And mostly I neglected you, but I did try to post last week and apparently my laptop died of neglect.  I still have to spend some time at the Genius Bar--I'm on borrowed assets right now, but I had to send a message to the faithful.  

Since we last spoke, I interviewed and hired a new nanny.  She seems nice.  We had a trip to Florida planned and hurricaned out.  I've been to New York, Chicago, Charlotte and Nashville.  My basement continues to mysteriously flood at the slightest amount of rain.  After much nail biting and walking around with swatches, I bought a rug and a couch. We did our annual Halloween photos, obvs.  I co-chaired the 5th grade renaissance fair because why not.  And some more stuff, but I'm already boring myself so I'll spare you.

So what was fun?  NY (and Chicago, for that matter) made me feel a little old.  So I bought some stuff to weird up my wardrobe.  

Glasses, TopShop.  Coat, Zara.

Also, I went to CB2 in Soho....and it was surprisingly nice.  Way nicer than I remember.  I mean everyone loved the Peekaboo tables, but their upholstery was a little....suspicious.  In person, these chairs were smokin'.  They also have a good selection of upholstery material.  RH could take notes. 

I also think this bathroom set might be worth buying, even though I have 2 sets of uninstalled bathroom hardware in a closet somewhere.

I also checked out Reese Witherspoon's store, Draper James, in Nashville.  It was very cute, and had an AMAZING Lindsey Adelman chandelier.  

The clothes were a little pricey, but really lovely in person and seemed like good quality.  Lots of kitschy cocktail napkins, which I'm on the fence about.  It's like a bumper sticker--how long will it be funny?  That is a lot of pressure for embroidery.  But they give out free sweet tea with a cute paper straw and a paper wrapper that takes care of your cup sweating, so they get props from me.  It's also next door to Sprinkles.  

As for Chicago...these monkeys stole my heart.  I was weighed down with kids clothes, so I had to leave them behind but I may send for them by mail.  

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  1. Love the Halloween pics! Missed you! Your travels are so much more productive than mine- do you research ahead? Do you keep a list? I actually drove through Hickory NC and didn't look at furniture- but for all I know they haven't made any there in decades!