Friday, August 19, 2016

Drawing the eye up

My headboard is a pretty tall, and I'm having trouble liking art above it right now.  Thinking some fabric may provide the answer.  If your headboard is short, or needs some oomph, you can always add a curtain for drama.  Just do a good job--no Design on a Dime 15 min project.  You are a grown up, proper drapery rules apply here.

Alexa Hampton from Habitually Chic

Amanda Nisbet via OKL

If you want to go craziers with this look, you can get yourself a Teester.  It's a little frou frou for me, but I don't hate it for others.  But I mainly pinned these for the fabric examples.  

Melissa Ruffty via Style Estate

Ruthie Sommers via Chinoiserie Chic


  1. I see those bed curtains and all I can think is, dust collector. I'm not very good at cleaning stuff like that.

  2. I think they are beautiful but not for me. Even now that no one would be climbing them or 'decorating' them.