Sunday, August 14, 2016


My post about garden ornaments was strictly theoretical, but Molly decided this weekend that making concrete mushrooms would be fun ("totally 'Property Girls'").  And since I'm planning on mixing up some concrete for other reasons, I think we might just do it.  I haven't really wasted time on superfluous projects lately, so I'm due.  I plan on not being a control freak and actually letting Molly make some before I go crazy trying to replicate the above mushrooms.  Simpler inspiration:

Theoretical discussion on homedepot's blog
Sand casting here.
(Next project, giant snail via this video)

In other news, I bought a Morel Habitat.  People in Indiana go into the woods and hunt Morels in the spring, but that involves a long of time in the woods and seems a little dangerous (incase you grab a poisonous one).  So I figured someone had discovered how to grow them in the comfort of your own home.  These guys are well reviewed, but you should never trust "Instructions Included"....they are included, and they are more involved than other articles on home-grown mushrooms.  It involves clearing a space and composting for 3 months (after letting them rest in a cold, dark wrapped in the back of my fridge).  I'm $40 committed, so I'm trying to persuade Charlotte into taking the project over.  I have more confidence in the concrete ones at this point.  

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  1. I hope Molly's mushroom project is successful. The video was amazing. I would try it in the fall-