Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hey Freak--

So, Freak Shakes started in Australia and went to New York, London, Dubai..... They seem to have fizzled as people contemplated whether they wanted all their favorite treats stacked on a cup of melting shake (or the US is too puritanical for such excess--entirely possible).  

I've been researching the ganache over buttercream drizzle technique, when I stumbled onto an Instagram wormhole that led me through modern Australian pastry arts.  And I'm in love.  

The Sweet Escape Sydney's #fridgesituation from OhItsPerfect

Freak Cakes also seem to be born in Australia, and they are available in all the Queen's territories.   I assume they are hitting major US cities?  A sampling for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks to the shakes, these cakes are often referred to as freak cakes.  However, they were also referred to as Katherine Sabbath cakes.  She started the obsession with ganache drizzle with her melted ice cream cake.  

 The Freak Cake is a particularly good medium for annoying kid themes.  The emoji cake above from The Party Parade is pretty awesome, and Lottie and Belle's portfolio of character cakes is pretty sweet:


Disney Princesses

My Little Pony

And since we are on the topic of kids parties, how about this croque  en bouche of Hello Kitty cookies and macaroons.


  1. I am amazed by the cakes. Sort of art to eat. It looks like the 'more is more' faction has taken over! I love it.

  2. WOW- they are a nice balance of crazy and order- like the perfect 'crazy' quilt.