Wednesday, July 13, 2016

stream of conscious decorating

The kids totaled the sofa....weirdly, it is covered in olive oil stains.  But I really ought to buy a rug first, then a sofa.  Which always makes me think about having to refinish the floors, and how great it would be to have that done first.  And spending that much money makes me wonder if I shouldn't just redo the kitchen.  Which probably explains why I haven't bought a sofa yet.  

In the spirit of being totally out of touch with reality, here is a round-up of the best kitchens in Vogue

via Vogue

FYI, this tile is in my fantasy kitchen.  Probably in the charcoal colorway.

Tile by Popham Designs.  Shower from here, but I'm almost positive its from the home of the owners of Cassamidy from Elle Decor.....

But after a while, I think I should just improve the kitchen ASAP since I'll have to refresh before I sell the house and shouldn't I enjoy that refresh for a bit?  Which takes me to this Domaine article on the best Ikea kitchens out there.  

In this scenario, I try to live with my current non-offense but uninspired tile.  I thank God it was laid on a running pattern and not a grid.  No, I'm not kidding.  Best thing my early 90s renovator predecessors ever did.  Running patterns make cheap square tile better.  Some examples:

via Apartment Therapy.  This would suck in a grid, just trust me.

via Homesick.  It even works in bathrooms.

I'm going to look at sofas this weekend.  Really.


  1. I love the star tile! SO beautiful. You are right on the tile layout. I know from personal experience- so sad.

  2. I could live with the Ikea kitchen and be happy.