Sunday, July 31, 2016

I'm a hermit, or what's been happening recently.....

I've been trading my blogging habit for sleep mostly.  That is how uninteresting things are around here.  And how much I love sleep.

I went couch shopping, just like I said I would.  I'm sensing RH is the best deal, but I'm really bewitched by this hot pink fabric available from Lee.

I also went on a road trip, and brought this amazing thing home with me.

According to the tag, it is a footbath.  I'm thinking of using it for mail or matchbox cars.  We have a lot of both.  The antiquing in Birmingham is amazing.

Oh, and I also blew you guys off to stalk this chair on EBTH.  I did win it, and have no idea where it will go.  Bonus, the auction was closing during Bill Clinton's speech making it the only keynote speech I was awake for.  After the two conventions, I conclude that America stays up too fucking late.  Major speakers should be 9ish, maybe 10.

And finally, this video gem is only going to speak to a select few of you.  Namely, those who still remember Paula Abdul's Opposites Attract video.  But if you do remember that piece of video history, I think it is worth a click.  It is one of many reason James Corden is my new fantasy best friend.

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