Sunday, June 26, 2016

Step Right Up! Circus party download.

The Circus Party was a big success.   The guests seemed to have a really good time, even across the age range of 1-10yrs.  Thanks to the up and down weather, I had 4 different party layouts on the ready, but at 11am Saturday morning the backyard was just dry enough to go for our original vision of the front yard + house + backyard layout.  Why would I gamble set-up time for some backyard space?  Because this was the original vision:

A little circus party for Henry 1st birthday that was supposed to look something like this.  Work and overdue yard maintenance pushed it to this year and combined it with Charlotte's 10th.  Then Molly threw her budget in for good measure.  And so the little circus party grew into a big circus party.  

We start in the living room with concessions, naturally.  Popcorn, donut holes, fruit salad (for guilt), and cotton candy (I ordered mini soft pretzels but there was some problem at the pretzel place and my order was not there).  Fresh cotton candy is pretty delish and very easy to figure out.  I'd say cotton candy would be a nice addition to most parties.  There was seating on the porch and front yard, although kids didn't linger very long.

Once fueled up, we moved on to dressing up.  I could make these ostrich feather head dresses for days.  Like, I have a problem.  Clown noses, top hats, mustaches and sets of arm bands (slap bracelets) were intended to create some gender balance.

There was a small backdrop, or "Selfie Station" as I plan on TMing it (but my plans aren't very good since this is the only photo of it that exists....) and a Fuji Instax camera to document your awesome-ness.  We ordered these photo frames for the kids to decorate.

Then it's a hop-skip-and-a-jump to the backyard for circus pandemonium in the form of a tight-rope workshop, mechanical horse, facepainting, Henry's little circus camp, and cupcakes.  The Cinncinnati Circus Company came to do the tight-rope workshop (this guy juggled during slow times, too).

This dessert buffet was why I was so excited to expand the party from a little bday for Henry to including the girls--I really felt like I hadn't seen any circus parties focused on the ostrich feather and sequin side of the circus.   Which is my favorite side of the circus.  And I've been dying to try these ostrich centerpieces (verdict:  pretty easy to make.  Also, these are on the cheap--only $20 in feathers total.  More is more, but I forgot to hit "buy" on my second installment--oops.).  I predict the 8x8 sequin cloth will make many future appearances.  

Star cupcakes are from Long's Bakery, and came unembellished.  Tip for adding sprinkles to plain cupcakes:  mist or pastry brush a little water on the icing (assuming a crust has formed).  It re-moistens the icing just enough to help the sprinkles stick as opposed to rolling right off.  Front tray is Oreo Pops with gold sprinkles.  Elephant cookies are from Etsy.  Yep, those are Nutter Butters.

Sadly, the wind did not permit my desired favor layout but you get a little taste of it here.  This did get me thinking:  the reason I love favors is mostly the table full of adorably packaged favors all lined up.   Period.  End of story.  But I try to put theme appropriate tokens inside.  The bags included a swirly pop and star garland (repackaged in a cute striped bag).  

After finally deciding that ordering for-real horse show-style ribbons printed with my circus party info was officially out of budget (my original favor idea), I made award rosettes out of crepe paper streamers and card stock (foiled, natch).  I'm weirdly obsessed with them--you could use them for everything....maybe next year's valentines need to be in this format.....

Oh, and there were crafts because you just never know how long kids will stay interested in things.  In this case, almost none of the crafts were utilized :)

That's it.  Now, photo montage time:

Watch out!  Cotton candy slowly melts.

Sources/Credits:  [PS:  I'll do a separate post on the DIYs and set-up for my fellow party-obsessed]

Photography:  Kristy Murphy Photography

Horse, Cotton Candy machine, extra tables:  PartyTime Rentals
Food Packaging: CupcakeSocialParty Surprise

Ostrich Feathers: eBay (mine were from here)
Parasols:  eBay (mine were from here)
Top Hats: aliExpress (seller)
Clown noses, slap bracelets, mustaches:  Amazon

Sequin backdrop:  aliExpress (seller)
Elephant Cookies:  Lovebird Bakery
Lucite cupcake stand:  Amazon

Circus Tent:  Ikea
Lions & Barbell:  Amazon

Stripped Plastic Tablecovering:  Oriental Trading
Tissue Fans:  Oriental Trading & PaperMart
Star Garland:  aliExpress (seller)
Craft supplies:  Amazon
Giant plastic Popcorn containers (floral arrangements):  Dollar Tree

My awesome set-up team:

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  1. The pictures are wonderful! Glad the weather held!