Thursday, November 19, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 11.19.15

Let's start out with some trivia:  Remember that time Cleveland released 1.5 million balloons?  Me neither.  But its hillarious.

So as some of you know, my fantasy HGTV show, Upgrade, focuses on upgrading builder-grade homes.  Obviously there would be a good cop/bad cop motif, with me as the bad cop.  So while I light people's Ashley Furniture Store recliners on fire in their front yards, someone handy and less judgmental would be replacing all the skimpy baseboards (because the bad trim work is always a problem, and no amount of crown molding is going to help those baseboards).  But it turns out, you don't have to replace them....because this genius product just covers them up.  Someday I may put these in the basement (the family room has sad baseboards).

Also useful for that weird 60s/70s era moulding.

Check out this modern advent calendar.  Free printable to download, $6 engineering print from Staples....Solid.

Also, a light fixture made of fishing lures.  Maybe we should stockpile fishing lures in anticipation of some snow days?

Side note:  if this is your fridge, we can't be friends anymore.  Just fyi--this level of organization is a shame trigger for me.

Schoolhouse Electric isn't so schoolhouse anymore, and I'm cool with that.

You may recall my obsession with Sugru?  Well, they have come up with a DIY package which may or may not be my go-to x-mas gift this year.  I did not realize that it had quite the adhesive properties that it does....and LGN's animal hooks were pretty swell.  And per their can use this to add bathroom fixtures to tile (so no more drill anxiety).

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  1. I love the balloons! But I am entranced by the baseboard covers. They would transform the 1980's builder grade home addition I am always sad about.