Sunday, November 22, 2015

Turkey Day is Coming to Town

I hope you guys know that Thanksgiving is coming up.  'Cause it is.  My favorite checklist is Martha's.  Speaking of, Martha is also the source for my favorite pumpkin pie recipe.  No oven needed (it won the pumpkin pie taste-off we had a few years ago...which means they were all egg-less recipes, but I think it holds its own).

I'm not that into Thanksgiving per se, but I love carbs, pie, and setting a nice table.  Furbish thinks you should mix it up, and I tend to agree.

Last year, the Dirty Dancing lodge kept things pretty traditional.  Indian corn was involved.  But prior to that, I've thrown some hot pink or chartreuse into the mix.  I'm thinking pale pink dahlias + kraft paper + this West Elm gold flatware.....

But we are going low key.  No extra money, no extra mess is what I keep telling myself.  Right now, the kids are developing a motif of multi-colored glitter foam stars and traditional construction paper turkeys.  I did grab these linen napkins off Amazon (they are $28/doz and Prime--there is still time), and they are nice.  White, but nice.  I also ordered this tablecloth tonight--it will be rental quality, but at least its not the standard poly--I love Amazon for cheap linens, chargers, etc.   Someday I'll get a quality tablecloth that is 90x156, but they don't show up at Home Goods too often.

Send in your tables, I'll post a montage :)

(PS--Refinery 29 did a Black Friday round-up.  I'm buying a new coat--any suggestions?)

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