Thursday, December 3, 2015


From Stop Throwing Terrible Holiday Parties via NY Mag (Getty Images)

It's been one of those weeks.  I'm behind on screen time.  But I have 2 non-sequitur items to share with you.  First, this article on throwing parties from NY Magazine.  It was funny.  Hey grown-ups, let's throw more parties this year!

And Amazon Dash buttons.  Yeah, I started seeing these in my banner ad but didn't really pay attention.  So I figured some of you might not have paid attention, either.

IT'S THE F^&KING FUTURE, EVERYONE!  I mean, this sh*t is straight up Jetsons.

(PS--I don't like #@^ because they put the burden of filling in the bad word on you and I take full ownership of my sailor-like way with words.  However, I have learned that some filters are blocking the profanity....indicating I'm your only friend with a potty mouth, btw).  

Do you run out of something regularly?  Just put this handy, Wi-Fi connected device in a convenient place, and when you run out of something just hit the button and that product will show up on your doorstep.  As someone who lives by an Amazon distribution center, that could be hours later (spooky, right?).

"Hey, what is that cool button on your washing machine?" "Its my Tide refill button...hit it and detergent just shows up at my door."  Worried your kid will go crazy or you'll get all old-person-y and hit it 20 times to make sure it works?  It sends a notice to your phone, allowing you to cancel the order PLUS it will only ship 1 container at a time (unless you go in and alter the know, if you are all 19 Kids and Counting and order your detergent 3 gallons at a time).

I just ordered my Bounty button.  That is one thing that really shuts the house down.  Garbage bags next (we are strictly weekend launderers, so that isn't too tricky and I currently buy toilet paper like a doomsday prepper).  I'm pretty sure that if I lived in Nebraska, I would buy all the buttons and 20 gallons of shelf-stable milk and not leave the house until March.

I usually try and wait to review a service before going off on its praises, but the buttons are currently $5 and you get a $5 coupon off your first order.  So minimal risk.  And a great stocking-stuffer....for someone too old to put up a stocking.  (Although with Smart Water and Lara Bars, it could be good for a dorm room).  And I will post a retraction if my paper towels don't arrive.

 I can't wait for them to have Method dish washing pellets, too.  Cross you fingers, and they'll have these for milk in a few years.  It's not robots and flying cars, but it's close.

Anybody have turkey tablescapes to send me?

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