Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Year of the Circus

Well, Labor Day has come and gone, which means everyone at chez Kimmerling had to commit to their Halloween costumes.  The girls decided that they will go as circus performers.   Hopefully Henry will, too...or at least a lion.  

Conveniently, we have decided that Henry's already planned circus birthday party (we moved it out from year 1 to year 2) will now be a joint party...Charlotte turns 10  on June 1 and Molly turns 6.5 on May 21 (Henry is May 12).  So it made sense to invest in some research, namely this Taschen tome:  

It's pretty some key inspo pics for Halloween:

(all photos from Taschen, via flavorwire)

I'm only halfway through the book--even less impressive when you learn that each essay is printed in English, French, Spanish & German--but it is pretty interesting.   The message so far is that the circus was a refuge for performers and an escape for the masses.

Tutu du Monde is really the gold standard for circus-y, princess-y, fairy clothes with a vintage feel.  They are also pricey, which made me rule them out but pulling these pics for the blog has made me SERIOUSLY doubt that decision.

(this is $159...but worth it?)

I can not seem to find the leotard that is on the cover of the Mer Mag book, above.  I had seen it online...I think at the online arm of a Brooklyn boutique....but years ago I remember it being at least $80.  And to die for.  But, you know.....we sketched our own designs based on the book and google image searches (PS:  etsy has a nice selection of vintage costumes, if you guys want to jump on the bandwagon...and are the size of a vintage circus performer)

(previously available on etsy...these look good framed and on the wall, too)

I've been pulling tutus, sequins, capes, leotards, ostrich plumes and parasols from eBay all weekend.   I'm in this for almost $100 for two costumes (making the ~$300 for Tutu du Monde look better, no?). With all that internetting, naturally  I stumbled upon some eBay treasures:

Ice skating costumes &  Rhythmic Gymnastics costumes

(These are generally shaming me on embellishments....airbrushing, crystals.  My sequin trim is looking sad.  Also, there is something very circus-y about that weird nude fabric and cut-outs.)

And kids latin ballroom dancing costumes.

The more scandalous ones are pretty accurate for the circus...but maybe too accurate.  The whole eBay wormhole has me wishing we had just decided to go as Dancing with the Stars pros....

This slays me.

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  1. My favorite is the $159 but not worth Halloween unless you are having a party. Nothing like a change in the weather and the wonderful costumes all covered up. The three little boys are great. I would TIVO them.