Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cheap Thrills

While generally you get what you pay for, every now and then you are pleasantly surprised...... My recent shopping wins:

I can't get enough of the Revlon Colorburst Matte balm.  Seriously--super light, super pigmented, and it wears really well (like a stain).  In my climate controlled office world, I'll wear matte finish anytime but its always nice in the fall...Also, I have their standard finish version (sheer and a little shiny), and I just don't like the product as much overall--smudgier, doesn't wear as well, etc. but reasonable minds can differ.  The point:  the Matte balm is a different product.

The Keds Crashback is the perfect "Keds slipon".  Yep, you heard it:  not the Champion.  The soft back (designed so you can wear them like mules without having your mom yell at you about ruining your shoes) makes for no blisters with no break-in time.  Plus, the front rise (not sure if that term is used for shoes...) is not too high (ugly + giant feet) and not too low (smoking loafer or old lady sneaker).  I ended up buying the silver glitter version from Hollister and I'm thinking about the cognac leather version.

Why so many slip-ons?  Easy to wear with skinny pants, preferably the ankle length variety.  Which leads me to my most surprising discovery:  the Old Navy mid-rise pixie (ankle-length).  I may grab every color (except I'm fat, so I'm wary of the plaids....).  $34 at full price, which no one ever pays at ON.  I want to say the fit was preferable if I rounded up in standard sizes, down in Tall.  But maybe I'm lying to myself to call it rounding.....Anyhoo, I can't remember the last time I even bothered with Old Navy for anything besides kid clothes but this one has paid off.

And since it's topical, I'll sign off with the always classic $8-12 Trader Joe's of my favorite cheap thrills.  [this looked less dark on my phone, but what the hey]


  1. THANKS! I am looking for comfy shoes that don't look too comfortable!
    I love a bargain.

  2. Thanks! Love the suggestions! Everything is on my shopping list, except for the jeans, unless they come in maternity waddle sizes.