Sunday, August 30, 2015

Powder Room Musings.....

This week, the final coat of putty goes up around my patched drywall.  The pocket door was broken, and so a very neat square was cut in the bathroom so that we (and by we, I mean someone else handier than me) could check out the track, etc.

via (also I have this photo above my loo, too!  such a small internet)

Turns out, the last guys, the ones who ruined the molding around the door when the put it all back together, also managed to put the back roller on incorrectly.  Which is why it often falls off.

Powder rooms are great because the possibilities are endless.  Most are small (mine is minuscule) so expense is minimal.  Hopefully you don't spend much time there, so an extreme gesture doesn't carry the same weight of commitment.

I have more of the soft periwinkle paint that I last painted it.  But since it is so tiny I'm thinking this is a good opportunity to do something different.  And crazy.  Naturally, wallpaper is high on my list.  Now, I do have a little boy scheduled to be potty trained in 12 months or so, which raises issues.  But I think Thibaut is pretty sturdy stuff (many are coated):


Pagodas.  I really do love some crazy chinoiserie--19th century or 1960s.  Not ready to unleash them in other places, but perhaps this is the place?  I'm leaning towards the second option....they have a yellow and gray colorway.  

Cole and Sons got a little overexposed, but I still love it.  And based on my sample, its totally wipeable.  I'm not ready to do a wainscoting....really, I'm nervous about taking more than an 1/8 of an inch away--if you need a seatbelt extender in coach, then you won't fit in this bathroom.  

Or I could just use the space to practice my stencilling.  I did spend $100 on a Stencil Library  willow pattern....

And then this weekend, I was thinking that the faux-inlay furniture stencil could be amazing on a wall.  Or is that just me?

This batik style stencil is KILLING IT.  Am I right?

But sadly, for all the possibilities that the barely 12 sq ft of powder room hold, as I sit on my dilapidated living room couch looking for sleeper sofas for the family room while Kevin books airplane tickets for fall break, I'm thinking a stencil--homemade or previously purchased--may make the best sense.  Well, second best to patching it with the half-gallon of paint I have left over.....

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  1. The soft periwinkle is lovely but if I could afford the zebras I would have to go with them. Stenciling might be fun. You could use the periwinkle as a nod to sensible and then stencil it....