Thursday, October 1, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 10.2.15

What's up home nuggets?  I've been buried in sequins and glitter over here at Chez Circus.  It's been too long since I did a devotional--the backlog of links is crazy, so we'll start with non-Interiors.  Why?  (a) why not, and (b) I'd hate to hold on to this "modest costume list" in my pocket until its too late.

I don't really know why I thought this is so funny, but I do.  I'm just glad the eBay blog is the one that felt compelled to counter slutty Halloween.  Considering what is sold on eBay....

This cake is everything.  I want it at every party.  This party site, Poppies for Grace, is new to me.  Its in Australia, but good inspo.  

via Oh Happy Day

I need minature skillets like I need a hole in the head.  But it might be worth it the storage space just for these.  

via Love and Olive Oil

A review of planners.  How useful is that?  It's from 2014, but I found it while looking around for next year :)  And speaking of useful, how about this new app that sends you a nice (acid-free) magazine of 50 or 100 photos from the last month.  It pretty much does everything, but you can go in and remove some from your "eligible" list so it doesn't pick 50 soccer game photos (or the 50 photos one of your kid takes of their nose).  

I can't tell you how many times I've almost written this exact article: 

19 Pinterest Projects Ain’t Nobody Got Time For

Thank you Buzzfeed.  

If you thrift a lot, you've seen this dresser a million times (chippy veneer almost always makes it a no-go).  Well, if like gives you lemons/chippy old furniture, make a volkswagon.  And no, I'm not editting this out in light of the scandal--don't turn a dresser into a diesel Passat, but a 60s bus seems harmless.  

Remember quilting?  Here is something to aspire to.  Or just buy.  Yep, probably just buy.  

It was pretty major to find a leaf skeleton while playing outside.  I'm equal parts disappointed you can just make them and excited that you can recreate the ideal leaf decomposition indoors.  Instructions here.  

You know how sometimes click-bait turns out pretty good?  Try Fascinating Abandoned Mansions.  

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