Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hey there!

We got back from the Pacific Northwest last Tuesday at 5:30 am Indiana time.  I'm writing this at 11pm...and this is the first night all three kids haven't been awake at this time.  

Original Starbucks, natch.

We actually had a great weekend--breakfast out, some crafting (project jeweled lamp is underway), massive cleaning and a brief visit from an old office bestie (he bought a house and he needs help decorating....yay!)  Oh, and we slipped in a trip to the park, a trip to my favorite framer (Jean Easter, if you are local), all required errands and Henry's first haircut.  He looks super old now, don't you think?

Before, During, After

I'm off to Raleigh tomorrow for a meeting/negotiation, and I'm planning on landing a few hours early so I can check out I Suwanee's store, Furbish, in person.  I've ordered online, but all the great furniture needs to be seen in person.  (Anybody ever check furniture?  $75 would be a bargain for shipping......).

So hopefully I will have a post on PNW soon (spoiler:  its cool), but until then please waste your time reading up on ice dying.  Seems like it could produce both genius and disaster (isn't it weird when there is something you've never heard of and you google it and there are twenty+ youtube videos on it, in addition to a ton of hits?).

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