Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ebay it: Chinese paper cuts

Chinese paper cuts are amazing.........and I think eBay is the best source.  (Unless otherwise captioned, all photos are from current eBay auctions/sales and can be found under the search "Chinese paper cuts").


Chinese paper cuts are done with super thin paper--almost tissue paper.  When they are multicolored, the colors sort of bleed into each other.

I have a zodiac set that was supposed to be framed for Molly's nursery (guess the ship has sailed on that plan).  But they are so bright and cheerful, I like them anywhere.

(an opera) 

(Zodiac animals)


The paper cuts arrive in a little folder with divider papers (that blue "box" at the bottom is what you'll get).  They are almost always sold in sets, and $5 will get you most of these.  Most of these paper cuts are quite small...could be put in an 8x10 frame (or smaller).  Larger cuts are also available--just make sure you read the description.

via aliexpress

 I'd love to see them arranged in a grid, like a less stuffy version of antique bird plates.



There is everything from zodiac and opera sets, to specific animals (horse, deer, dragon, peacock), botanicals, "birds and butterflies", Mao.....I'm confident there is something for everyone.  If you need a more refined pallette, try the solid options (red or black, a couple blue).


They also have blue porcelain available.

Some enterprising ebay entrepreneur is selling throw pillows.

This fabric was at HP Market a few years ago, and now it is online for $43/yd.

If you were tech savvy, you could scan your favorite eBay purchases and head over to Spoonflower and make your own fabric.


  1. Wow- make your own fabric- that sounds amazing.

    1. I know, right? I haven't done much with Spoonflower but it looks fun.