Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 5.18.15

What is going on?  I've been watching babes do ballet, hitting the soccer fields, and slowly accepting that my baby is not a baby anymore.

Oh, I went to the decorator's showhouse.  I can honestly say it sucked less than usual.  And this mural was really good in person...which is soooooo rare.

We also worked on our planters.  The girls like a multi-colored approach, and I had just seen this image in my pinterest feed so I was easy to convince.


We aren't quite there yet, but this is a good start:

And I went to Milwaukee and had breakfast at Holy Moly Donuts because I could--I had the Violet Beauregard (blueberry filled with blueberry cream cheese icing) and a cake donut with blood orange glaze.  I ate half of each and they were delish.  While i have no trouble eating an extra 1000 calories a day while work traveling, I always have trouble surfing the web--its like walking and chewing gum for me.  Or it isn't...however that expression is supposed to work.  Luckily I have stock piled links because this is all I saved while I was travelling:  70s amazingness.

Louis Feraud on the streets of Paris, via
Need those shoes.  And the attitude.

Viva la Biba :) via  That heavy bottom lash is really working for me.  And turbans...that is a whole post.  


Mrs. Blandings wrote a charming piece on hand drawn lampshades, among other things.

She has also provided inspiration for my next birthday:

 A beautiful book on San Francisco--a must read before your next trip.  Mielle could inspire a party or two.

And incase that pic failed to make you hungry, try this super chic cake shoot.  Edible flowers can be found on, btw.

Am I the only one who is in love with this?  Hillarious DIY here.

This DIY is so hardcore...these are resin bangles.  Like she mixes resin and has a bangle mold.  This is too advanced for me but just knowing this is in the realm of DIY opens up a lot possibilities in the future.  

Its not a weekly devotional without one home tour.  And I compulsively point out every published home with Chiang Mai Dragon upholstering goods.

Amazing performance art and art..  Even if you are less obsessed with Spirographs than I am (because everyone is a little obsessed, natch), you will enjoy the human spirograph.  Someone on the interwebs has tried this out...use photo backdrops if you need paper that big.

Your homework for the week:

Bonus points if you turn in a human sized spirograph piece :)


  1. The pictures of the little dancers are wonderful. I was impressed you got a shot of the birthday candle lit! Very handsome birthday boy.
    The homework will be a challenge....

  2. I am amazed by the resin bangles- wow. I don't think I can pull off the spirograph- funny how inflexible you become as you age!

  3. The Poppies bloomed! How cool is that! I love your garden.