Thursday, May 7, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 5.8.15

I don't really have a segway here--just a great pic.

Check out this ping pong room!  The best looking ping pong space I've seen.   It's from the 6 week challenge, which just ended.  (Her week 2 post has a great round-up of famous people's ping pong rooms).  I think the highlights from the challenge are:

  • Live Like You (a kitchen from scratch...not sure how that happened)
  • Sixth Street Design School (toddler bedroom...mostly due to that badass cockatoo print)
  • Swoon Worthy (crazy office....mostly I just like a pink chinoiserie wall paper)
  • Simple Details (your average meh suburban master is spruced up with better furniture choices)
  • Jenna Sue Design (ugly bathroom makeover)
  • Julia Ryan (neutral master bedroom--she always has a small budget so nice to see what she does with it)

I haven't been following this challenge, but I'll peruse the last 5 weeks this weekend hopefully.  I am heading to our Decorator's Showhouse today...and I trust I will be mildly disappointed as always.  But the San Francisco Designer Showcase realllllly seems to have knocked it out of the park.  Lots of nice rooms, but the best laundrey room ever deserves more internet coverage:

via Domain

And before that, Domaine posted this nursery (It's been a while since we chatted).  Am I right?  The indulgence of handpainted wallpaper in a nursery should probably remind me of starving people in Africa...but it is just so beautiful.  Just make sure your annual charitable deductions are appropriate to the expense and you probably won't burn in hell.  Or that is what I'd tell myself for the .2 seconds of guilt I'd feel.

Now that it is summer, your paper snowflake making skills might be getting antsy.  The answer, apparently, is kirigami:

And you can make these lovely votive surrounds.  But...anyone else thinking fire hazzard?  I guess the glass is enough....

Look at this awesome art installation....of toilet paper.  This stuff is ammazing.

Can you believe this is not from the same internet source?  Sadly, it was found via Pinterest and I can't find the direct link...but the site it came from is awesome and worth checking out:  Plenty of Colour.  

I'm so super psyched about this internet star:  she goes into the Chernobyl zone and takes pictures and radioactivity readings.  It is closed for some ridiculous amount of time, but per her geiger counters she has yet to encounter anything greater than she might get from an MRI.

And we didn't get to chat about Amy Schumer's Friday Night Lights spoof while it was still news.  Salon had a nice piece, if you need to avoid videos.  I had forgotten this was her second nimble attempt at the tricky socially palatable rape joke/commentary.   Thoughts?  I think the show could use more polish generally, but the last scene is pretty great.

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