Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 5.26.15


Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day.  I'm finally not shocked that the Indianapolis 500 actually does permeate the weekend; I think of it like country music and Nashville...but just for the month of May.  Black and white checkered bunting and flags are in people's yard.  Incase you need to feel sporty at the water cooler today--Juan Pablo Montoya won.  And yes, they drink milk when they win.

The Indianapolis 500 was present in my life prior to moving to Indianapolis....the building above on the right is called the Pagoda, and old race paraphernalia used to pop up in my eBay searches for "pagoda" "vintage".

Ahem, have you all been to a Target lately?

How am I supposed to leave without something called the Glitter Library?  And the fact that it is in adorable, cork-topped glass bottles is a bonus.  Kevin made references to "retiring to the Glitter Library" all weekend.

We spent a ton of time outside, enjoying my hundreds of dollars in annuals (I don't even know how it happened....and no, they aren't that great).

via The Gardenista

If you have a vegetable garden, you should check out these finalists for the best edible garden.  They may make you feel totally inadequate, but that is a standard internet side effect.

If you are feeling handy, you could make this cool planter (or planter cover?) out of an old tire.  At first I thought this was kind of like pallettes (who has tires around?) but then I saw a place a few blocks from me selling old tires for $20.

If you have a small space or need some impact, vertical is the way to go.  Hanging terra cotta garden instructions are here.

I love photo realistic jewels (prints have floated through, but I can't remember where right now....) and I compulsively think I need to pull good jewlery editorials (like Veranda or Town & Country) for a future yet-undetermined decopauge projects.  So I was super psyched to see this guy:  Kurt Pio.  He is painting enormous gems.  I want one for over the mantel....

Kurt Pio via The Jealous Curator

Laundrey Room Art is a category that only exists thanks to blogs and pinterest.  I generally eschew categories on art, but I'm thinking a graphic print of "care Hieroglyphics" would be key near my washer and dryer.  A downloadable version at the link.


I saved this DIY....thinking maybe teacher gift?  Now I kind of think BS--who want's this on their desk?  Looks like a weird weapon or something.....But carving air dry clay seems like a great idea for something else.  Maybe place cards on a smaller scale?
Airdry clay

Cannes wrapped up last week.  I almost forgot about it.  That is one of many ways children can ruin you life.  Luckily there are plenty of slide shows out there for this week's conference call distraction.  Harper's Bazaar was pretty exhaustive, but you can google others.

I was thinking about the word "meme", and that I discovered it (well past its inception) thanks to the the Ryan Gosling meme.  So throw back to 2010/2011 (or more like 2012 if you are old.... knowyourmem.com says that is when it became a thing but that seems way long ago).  

Also, these two super short videos made my day:  link and link.  Via Ashley Longshore Art's instagram.  Just some good clean fun.  

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