Thursday, April 2, 2015


Now that I'm planning on ordering pizza for Easter (Hawaiian, from Bazbeaux's), I'm wasting time pretending I may set a nice table...which would also be a waste of time.  But, a proper reward for a tidy dining room would be a large floral arrangement--don't you think?

So my typical rule is one color, one flower [type].  But that is definitely not trendy these days...its all about lots of flowers, flowing shapes, and Dutch still lifes.  Most of us won't be able to pull these together from a trip to Whole Foods, but if you live in a city--bonne chance!

Saipua  /  SaipuaMatchbook Magazine May 2014 / via 100 Layer Cake / 100 Layer Cake Easter Brunch / Little Flower School

All by Tulipina

And fyi, you will almost certainly need support if you are trying the crazy rambling shapes above--like floral foam, or possibly a frog (I've only ever tried foam with an arrangement like this).  If anyone tries an arrangement with kumquats (or any fruit or veggie, really), you need to send a pic.  And I also think it is good to point out that you are talking $60+ to get an arrangement in these sizes...and the above are hundreds of dollars in flowers.  

If you are looking to dip your toe in to the floral zeitgeist, the easiest way is to go tonal.  Much harder to mess it up.  I grabbed a few tonal arrangements, all a little bit tighter....and all by Carolyn Roehm, from her new book Flowers.  

But when in doubt or in a hurry, grab a nice container and just stick to the old rules.  Several hundred dollars in tree peonies doesn't hurt either--hard to mess that up.  

Also Carolyn Roehm


  1. Thank you for this - a lovely respite from my 2 hour layover in ATL airport. The combination of Easter/passover/spring break makes for one crazy/loud/not pretty place. The rambling arrangements are beautiful but I've never been able to manage the branch effect. I'll stick to the roehm style -gorgeous. Danke

  2. So beautiful. I wanted to have a flower shop when I was a little girl. Sorry I strayed.....