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Weekly Devotional: 3.29.15

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Hey, hey, hey!  I'm almost caught up on internetting, and have generally had a mildly productive weekend.  Not as productive as the chick above, but I thought it was a nice picture for your Monday.  

First, a little PSA on bees.  They are disappearing, and that is bad.  Here is a handy guide to flowers that bees like.  Now, for the most part, this site of bee infographics is a downer.  Probably accurate, but whoa.  However, we are going to try and do our part by planting as many bee friendly plants as we can...along with milkweed, because poor Monarch butterflies are having trouble since milkweed is disappearing thanks to pesticides.  And yes, I may amp my my poppies and milkweed up with some Miracle Gro.  We're not hippies, we just like bees.  

Before passing on some digital interiors, I'd like to say that the March issues of House & Home and World of Interiors are worth a (rush) trip to your Barnes and Noble.  But until them, try this Brooklyn Brownstone.

and  this slideshow of colorful kitchens.  Architectural Digest really has something for everyone here--many are too rustic/trad for me, but I was impressed by the breadth of styles.  The Miles Redd gem below is more than welcome to magically appear in my home.  

I got an email update that a house-I'm-watching-on-Zillow's price has a mere $4.7M even.  I don't know why I do stuff like that, except that Coral Gables is my happy place.   But if you too need to obsessively plan out how to use your lottery proceeds, take a gander.  I just don't know...over 7,000 square feet on less than half an acre seems a little "new money" to me.  Otherwise it seems tasteful.  

Who doesn't love a pagoda lantern?  Round up on Ace of Space.

These printable paper flowers would make handy gift tags.

"Every pizza can be a personal pizza if you believe in yourself."  Gems like this only exist in high school yearbooks, so Buzzfeed collected some for us.  Why can't I quit you, Buzzfeed? What is awesome is how poorly some of them aged, and how you know people thought their quotes were totally hillarious/amazeballs.  I was probably feeling extra nostalgic about HS idiocy since this weekend was the 30th anniversary of The Breakfast Club--anybody go see it in the theatre this weekend?

via Buzzfeed
A friend of mine from high school edited audio books for a living, and now he is writing reviews.  He reviewed Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon, which was featured in last month's Vogue (the one before the one with Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss--I refuse to buy that).  I was never a die-hard Sonic Youth fan, but I think it could be a good read.  (Thanks to Facebook's annoying Spotify relationship, I know that a significant portion of the people I'm friends with listen to Sonic Youth daily).  

Did you know Drunk History is a show now?  What the what?  I was watching one on John Wilkes Booth and I went online to find it for y'all and I saw that.  Also, I guess I only watched 3 minutes of it, because that is what's on YouTube.  And since that is so short and it's been two weeks, here is Shovel and Rope's The Devil is All Around.  I was listening to it this afternoon (thank you Shuffle), and I figured it was time to show you all my spirit animal--part of me seriously wants to be that chick, mullet and all.  Or just sing like her.  Also, NPR hearts Shovels and Rope so I'm not really putting myself out there too much by passing on this song.    

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