Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 4.6.15

 We had a nice, low key Easter.  It was just a weekend without any ballet or soccer games, which was a treat.  I assembled some Ikea furniture and ate all the chocolate and Reeses Pieces the E. Bunny brought to Henry.  PS:  Any Peeps left?  Try these.

You all know I love Wes Anderson...but having a Wes Anderson inspired wedding?  Not sure I can wrap my mind around it.  That said, it is visually compelling.  (So maybe just don't tell anyone you are copying WA).  Parts 1 and 2.

A "real" home tour...of the Milanese apt variety on Terms of Endearment.

 Desire to Inspire did a nice piece on House of Honey.

These chandeliers had me at hello.  Via cococozy.

Need some new lights?  Two hacks:

1.  Shine Your Light's Ikea hack

2.  A Pottery Barn hack via From the Right Bank.  [Editor's note:  Blogger has decided to stop working, so no pic today--I'll add later.  But this one is good--scalloped flush mount].

I discovered a new-to-me paper artist:  Elsa Mora.  Who happens to have a blog...which featured these awesome felted animals.

The power of the internet....Buzzfeed's article by the guy who accidently became a celebrity in China after his phone was stolen is pretty amazing.  Long, but you can skim it.  Even more amazing?  This dog who has the world record for balloon popping.

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  1. I loved the Elsa Mora art but the quote on taste made me smile.