Thursday, March 26, 2015

Heads up: it's almost Easter

You have only one weekend before Easter.  Or two weekends if you are Greek Orthodox.  A little late if you want to kick it like these folks:  they put 10,000 eggs in a tree.  More is more, people.  Since we are really trying to get things back in order around here, we will probably operate on a smaller scale.    

We followed Not Martha's egg dying tips last year, and we will again.  I grabbed some of those Spritz glitter stickers for eggs from Target because I am weak and powerless against their marketing skills.  But your eggs can be awesome without permanent dye and glitter....remember those plastic wraps that shrunk around an egg in the oven?  They just got crazier.  

Search "icon egg wrap" on eBay.  You're Welcome.

100 Days of Real Food has tips for a candy free (kid) Easter.  Or you can kick it Chez Kimmerling style and eat your weight in Cadbury Mini Eggs.

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Since I love old German paper products so much, I thought I'd see what type of Easter fare they came up with.  They did not disappoint (all via Google Image Search).


Bunnies with guns.  Gnomes.  Militaria.  Anthropomorphic chicks.  Le sigh.  And the vintage German crazy train isn't close to stopping.

I saved the best for last.

Frohe Ostern.

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