Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 2.17.15

Man, with all the internet security restrictions and the fact that almost no one (including state agencies) supports the version of Explorer on my work computer, these Weekly Devotionals are getting shorter and shorter.  I'm working on changing my browsing habits....but I literally don't know what to do between noon and 1pm.  So far I've been running to Starbucks or HomeGoods, but that should stop.  Well, the Starbucks needs to stop--white chocolate mochas add up in more ways than one.     

Look at this amazing dress!  

"Kermit Tesoro is a young designer from the Philippines with a fondness for unusual materials and unique themes. His melting ice cream dress is quite outstanding."  Yes.  Yes it is.  Also, it was pinned from a blog called East Side Bride:  an evil club of mean hipster brides.  Some of you younger ladies may want to check that shiz out.

via Domaine Home

A nice London home tour.  Also note the artwork--I might need to commission something similar from my BIL (he has mad tattoo art skills).  I've been toying with mid 19th century style samplers as a vehicle for modern song lyrics but this is swaying me.

If you didn't get enough pink rooms on the last post, here is a Vday roundup of 14 on the Glam Pad.

Boho chic before and after on Amber Interiors.  Symmetry is calming in a bedroom, no?

It's getting close to spray painting season, so I thought I'd pass this on (its old, but circulates Pinterest periodically).

Do you like smoking loafers?  Do you like Happy Menocal?  Are you confused but want to look like your Town and Country subscription is lifestyle appropriate?  Check out Moda Operandi for these gems.  Warning--looking like old money doesn't come cheap.

I've been thinking of commissioning a Happy Menocal family crest

But then I saw this from Stephanie Fishwick


Fun fact:  Sam Smith's Stay With Me has to pay royalties to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers because it is so similar to Stand My Ground.  Hit your iTunes samples....I was like "what?" but then I got it.

Also, this happened (thanks Sarah).

Google it.  I dare you.

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