Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I never met a mahogany breakfront I didn't want.  $30 at press time.  

You know that sourcing is one of my greatest pleasures.  But lately I've had trouble enjoying perusing the internet for amazing things, or even the antique/thrift/junk store circuit.

In the beginning, I had a nearly empty house.  It had a few pieces of furniture worth keeping and its fair share of disposable pieces.  At that point, I could walk into a thrift store, antique store, scour eBay....and chances are that I would find something that would scratch an itch, fill a need, and not hurt too much.

It's huge.  And I need it.  But sadly I don't need it.  
But my house is full.  When I see an amazing Italian marquetry music cabinet I have to pass....because I can't figure out where it will go.  And there are no cheap thrills that will move me closer towards my goal.  I'm left with big purchases, all in varying increments of $1,000.  I do better with tens.

I love vintage maps.  Even if they can look a little Republican on the wall.  
1.  I should refinish the floors.  When I moved in, they didn't seem so bad--I remember thinking we didn't have to refinish them.  But now that I have nicer things, and they are a little more worn, they are pretty obviously standing between me and the next level of "finish."  Damage:  $3,000 for the first floor and stairs.  It is really the process of moving everything out and cleaning up the dust that is more overwhelming than the amount.

Not my house.  Yet.  via
2.  I need an enormous rug, too.  The living room needs something in the neighborhood of 17 x 10.  I've come to accept that I may never find a perfectly faded Oushak in that size for less than a year of college, nor will I ever be able to afford a custom Rug Company confection.  So, for what I fear will end up being $1000 I can get wool broadloom edged.  Maybe I'll get lucky, but a quick inquiry at Lowes several years ago was pretty close to that.  Because I have emotional issues, I will be pricing Stark carpeting first even though I pretty much know that is a much higher multiplier on my $1000 (remember that John Oliver video on the wealth gap?  I suffer from the common American delusion that high times are acomin'.).  

3.  And finally, I (still) need a new sofa.  The current one is less than ideal as the primary TV watching spot (it was purchased back when we didn't have a TV in the living room), so reupholstery is out.  I'm guessing that will be $2-4K.  The current sofa is Room & Board, and I feel like the next one needs to meet or exceed that quality level.  I don't mind this one from Restoration Hardware:

Does it work in Navy Perrenials velvet?
but I'm gonna go check out the major customizable brands (Lee, Drexel, etc.).  I found a nice English roll arm from a small shop here, but I think I want something modern.

B&B Italia's Charles sofa is the best. sofa. ever.  
But what about new window treatments?  Lamp upgrades? Coffee table upgrades?  At this point I know that I have to get these big items pinned down or risk wasting money.  Mostly the carpet.  So what advice would my rational self give my mopey, mid-February self?  Save your pennies and buy something.

But do you know what is not super fun?  Dragging your children around to look at carpeting or, God forbid, nice furniture stores in 10 degrees.  Hopefully I'll get off my ass once it thaws out around here.  But since my phone just beeped with a Wind Chill Advisory, it could take a while.

And to complicate the cashflow analysis involved in floors, rugs and couches.....I have a first birthday party to consider.  I suppose I can throw a circus party any old time I want, but it seems less weird when centered around a little kid.

(Good thing I don't live in LA or I'd be in debtor's prison--I mean, can you imagine?).

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  1. A pleasure as always. Such a nice way to start my day. Keep in mind that the rug should not be so precious that your children can't live with them.