Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 2.22.15

Everything old is new again.  Last night, we ate some thai food, prepared to the tunes of Thriller, and watched the Red Carpet where Molly voted J. Lo as best dressed.

via NYT
P.S.--you should try to find the Everything is Awesome (nominated song from The Lego Movie) performance if you didn't bother to watch.  The Lonely Island brought it.

Feeling a little down that yet another week of same-old-same-old is starting?  Domaine brings us 8 super famous decorators who are totally self-taught.  

Bryan Patrick Flynn

Actually, they don't cover Suzanne Rheinstein (she was a producer in LA) and Schuyler Samperton...I'm pretty sure Darryl Carter and Lindsey Buckingham's wife are in this group, too.  But anyhoo, there are good pics.  

Vincent Wolf

So yeah, you can teach yourself design....if you figure out how to monetize it, let me know.  

Speaking of self-taught, check out Ms. Meares spreading her self-taught knowledge of why this room works.  

I may tell you to paint or wallpaper your ceiling, but just know that I don't always take the advice myself...someday I'll have to post my pictures of my ceiling peeling off in layers of semi-dry paint and plaster.  A decorated ceiling can really take a room to the next level--check out this slideshow from Veranda to gear you up for the work.  

Hey, someone does crazy room installations not for parties but for art.  Her name is Tara Donovan.

Yep, mylar and hot glue--materials I can get into.  Check it out here.  

What type of weather/activity is a mink pullover appropriate for?  Just fancy outdoor stuff, right?  Like what?

via Moda Operandi

Enough about cold.  Hey Southerners, how many of these 11 Small Florida Towns You Need to Visit have you checked off?  Legit, or is Buzzfeed pulling my chain?

This week you have homework:  Palissy Ware.  I'd never heard of it before.  I appreciate it's level of crazy, but I think you'd need a lot of it to really have a good visual.  But I think that about everything.   Photo is from the Nashville Antique Show, taken by The English Room.  

Jesus, we have to craft/bake/buy for St. Patty's Day?  That was supposed to be a beer soaked break between the glitter and the egg dye.  But I usually like Modern Parents, Messy Kids so I'll think about their recipes.  And food is always good.  At least they gave me a heads up--don't you hate all the holiday pins the day before the holiday?

Sweet color combos from the past.  Yep, full circle around here.

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