Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 1.5.15

Wow.  It was not easy to get up today--and it decided to get all 10 degrees on me, making me hate 2015.  But it's time to ease back into some weekly devotionals, and look at the half-full portion of my internet glass.

via One Hundred Layer Cakelet
So many "Best of" posts...some best-er than others.  It's an easy way to catch up on the sometimes reads--I checked in on the most popular posts from Emily A. Clark and A Beautiful Mess.  Also, Green Wedding Shoes Best Wedding Bouquets and Best Kid's Parties on One Hundred Layer Cakelet.  On the round-ups I skipped, Favorite Maternity Photos of 2014 gets the WTF award.  

Any round-ups you liked?  Any other WTFs?

Jennifer Bowles pointed out that one of 2014's awesomest design collabs was Bunny Williams for Dash and Albert.  And gave some excellent context, as is Peak of Chic's way.

Are you up on the family feud that resulted in Trader Joes and Aldi? If not, you should read this piece on Slate.  

I can't buy this house, but it sort of changes my mind about Victorians.  How about a second floor landing with a fire place?  Not that I would have time to have a fire going, but I can pretend....

I could even put up with the design hand cuffs of having original stained glass.    

Carolina Herrerra Baez via Elle Decor (oldy but goody).

Top 10 Chinoserie Wallpapers

A lovely (and attainable) home via Design Sponge.

Did you buy a bag of bulbs at the store last fall, but were too lazy to actually put them in the ground?  If you can find them, it's not too late to have a kicking container garden in April (you can do this in your basement--you know I don't suggest outdoor activity this time of year).

So this popped into my Pinterest feed it just me, or is this a little creepy weird?  Any sentimentalists out there?

Someday I will have an insane, editorial style family portrait done.  You know, when I'm thin and rich.  But for now check out this crazy German fashion spread via Honestly WTF ?

And since we are going international, how about that fact that there is a Serbian Elle?

Another year, another year older:

Apparently this is for real.  I'm kinda surprised they don't teach the Beatles in US History, but oh well.  The other interweb gem I've been holding out on you:

Harsh but true.

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  1. The ring is seriously creepy. I can't see the appeal past teens but I have been so wrong before- remember my prediction on bottled water-
    I love the house-
    Thanks for the Aldi tip. I have not ventured in. A deposit for a cart seems nuts but I will give it a try.
    Stay warm!