Thursday, January 8, 2015

Potty Mouth

My new favorite monogram, via I Suwanee
I curse like a sailor.  In my household, anyone with a driver's license is allowed to curse.  And yes, as it is my house I made that rule up.  I keep it pretty PG up in here, but occasionally there are home items (and let's not lie, the occasional graphic tee) that catch my eye but I pause because they are a little louche.  And not everyone in my house can drive yet.  

via Society 6
I have almost bought that Carpe print a zillion times over the last 4? years.  But I don't, because I won't actually hang it up anywhere.  Nor will I use the throw pillow, now that Society6's offerings have expanded.  This is just an example, as I may be over it since it is getting a little ubiquitous (but I am not over that monogram up top, uh-uh).  But me being over something is really me being snobby about it getting too popular and shunning it from my home but moving it to my office where it can exist with people who don't really know about the internet.  Because in general, I love what I love (let's never speak of my precious "Keep Calm" poster from the Victoria and Albert Museum...sitting, waiting to be framed because I was sure this treasure would earn a spot in my future home and I'd be damned if tape or putty on a dorm wall was going to ruin it). 

Charlotte was scandalized when she saw this printed out on my bulletin board at work.  
Although there isn't much to my office, furnishing needs-wise, in addition to there being other concerns about workplace appropriateness, so that is not a great answer.  And my kids see my office on the weekend occasionally.

So, can you have profane homewares when you have littles?  I would put up pictures of naked people [if and] because it is art, although I wouldn't encourage my kids to draw naked people for a while (or be photographed naked maybe ever) driver's license a while.  But most of the cursing is just funny to me.  Is a punchline worth it?  

I don't buy doormats enough to warrant such a time sensitive reference, but if I did....

So far it hasn't been.  And the earth is suffering for it, because I would totally bring my own bags to the grocery store if I had one like this:  
via I Suwanee
There are lots of design sacrifices associated with having children, and I guess this is in the same category as needing washable fabrics on everything and not being able to ever have a properly styled coffee table. I suppose it does fly by, or so they say.  And when they have all flown the coop I will comfort myself by getting a marvelous silk velvet sofa and lots of needlepoint pillows saying things that shouldn't be uttered out loud.

Too bad it doesn't work both ways, because "Cray Cray" and "OMG" have migrated from 3rd grade into my house. 

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