Thursday, January 1, 2015

Done is Better than Perfect


Happy New Year, loyal readers.  Again, I did not even stay up until midnight but I always justify that by trying to start the new year with some sleep....because I love sleep.  A lot.  We always celebrate NYE London time with the girls...or a little after London, when the London fireworks display has been loaded onto YouTube.

My big project this year, as I have aspired the last few years, will be to make a house binder.  Now, I might include a section on maintenance and such, but this is mostly about procurement.  As I'm sure most of you gleaned, "you can't take it with you" is a central tenet of this church.  But how can you jump on that fabulous Chinese Deco rug on eBay if you aren't really sure what size rug you need?  What happens when you see this Schumacher fabric for $8.95/yd and know in your heart you must hoard it but don't know how much to hoard?

The house binder will have measurements, both overhead and elevations (so you know that a certain highboy will cover up your light switch).  It will have information about table linen requirements...for all possible lengths my dining table takes on.  Because vintage linens are nicer and more affordable.  And if I'm ambitious, an accounting of all the different types of lightbulbs I need.

My mantra for 2014 is going to be done is better than perfect.  I have a massive punch list for my house--for example, there are no light switch plates in Henry's room because the painted ones weren't perfect and then I bought matte black ones b/c that was easier than sanding and painting the others but then I'm not so sure about this green...and maybe we'll wallpaper the room anyway, after we take out the chimney and switch the access to the attic.  I'm not making that up--that is literally my thought process and now, 8 months after the painters came, there are still no switch plates.  So my window benches may have unpiped box cushions but it's time to act like it's pencils down time around here...and probably stop thinking about the limitless budget/powerball options.

I live my life though a series of never ending to do lists, both practical and less than practical, so New Year's is just another point to reassess my lists, but I love the idea of resolutions.  My usual NY's resolutions are to drink more (I've become a real t-totaller) and to buy more lottery tickets.  I've been slacking in the lottery department lately, and the drinking never got off the ground.  Otherwise, for 2015 my resolutions are to be skinnier, healthier and spend less money.  Oh, and get botox.  And I predict that none shall be accomplished, but I give myself a point for making the resolution in the first place--it's important to know where your deficiencies lie.

Anybody have fun NYE activities?  Anybody wear sequins?

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  1. I too love New Years resolutions but I am that e-card! It made me laugh!