Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 1.26.15

'sup?  I have an online auction hangover from EBTH again.  I'm trying to decide whether to go vintage on my coffee table and MB nightstands or fabricate something in lucite, brass, and walnut.  Both are items that usually have peculiar ideal measurements but are also abundant and cheap in vintage shops.   This is the inspiration/starting point for my design (which is 180 degrees from anything I'd find vintage around here):

I'd also sell a kidney for a good Syrian inlaid chest, incase you see one cheap (my kidney isn't worth much).  But enough about me.

Did you know Ikea is relaunching its kitchen cabinets?  Good thing I've been too lazy to make any kitchen plans--goodbye Akurum, hello Sektion.  Apartment Therapy is providing minute by minute coverage; I have a hard time understanding the improvements but I'll trust them generally.....The online planner and the actual cabinets are available on Feb. 2.  

Also, Ikea has some great new offerings.  I'm always slow on the round-ups (seriously, they take a lot of time), but luckily Erin Gates isn't.  She did some nice round-ups of cheap sources, including Ikea (above).  I've got my eye on this coffee table, too--thoughts?

And speaking of round-ups and Ikea, isn't this lovely?  Hacks to try from Victoria McGinley.

Buzzfeed is usually disappointing, but this round-up of storage isn't bad.  It's pretty exhaustive and may make you think about hidden opportunities to cram more stuff into your home.  Gracefully.  


Speaking of organizing, wouldn't it be nice if everything had these cute metal label holders on them? Apparently I skipped this class, because it turns out you can buy them and stick them on everything (and this post has some sources).  (Side note--I grabbed some Martha Stewart ones from Staples this weekend, and a lot of the shagreen stuff is on mega clearance). 

I've been trying to create a similar petri-dish effect as this crop from a painting by Bruce Riley.   Turns out, resin is the way to that is not in my cards.   But, this article and short film on the artist is interesting.  A nice 5 minutes.  

I'm not sure how I feel about this DIY....seems like HGTV show stuff, or a party or window display type project.  Am I being too harsh?  I just don't think I have time for "chandeliers" without lights (in fact, I'm kinda mad Land of Nod called it a chandelier because I assumed it had lights until I made it through all the steps).  

So Badger from Breaking Bad has a pretty sweet house and a cute wife (although I'm too old/not old enough for this buttoning the top button look--who else is in this boat?).  Bailey McCarthy did the design, so there are some behind the scenes comments on Peppermit Bliss.   Oh, and back to me:  what do we think about the coffee table?  Besides the fact it will be hard to move for dance parties and is not toddler friendly?  I just think this place needs some wood, but it could be the fact that I'm still reading The Furniture Bible.  

One more video, this one super informative:  How to take good iPhone pictures.  While buy iPhone6 is also a good step, these are pretty genius even if taking a no arm selfie isn't on your 2015 goal list.   Only 3 minutes if you are waiting for a conference call to start (all tips are in text, so you don't even need sound!).  [Yes, I know only some of you get a video picture via idea why, but that is why it is also linked in the paragraph.]

PS:  I'm nursing my internet auction hangover with Miss Universe on Telemundo right now.  Amazing.  

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