Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 2.2.15

Did you watch the Super Bowl?  Nail biter.  Charlotte was massively confused by Katy Perry's beach set while Molly wanted to be every single thing for the next 20 halloweens.  Weirder than having kids interested in half time shows is children with football opinions.  The girls have done a 180 on the Patriots in the wake of the cheating scandal (they rooted against the Colts in favor of Giselle's spouse a few weeks ago).  To quote Mo, "It is supposed to be a fun game, and games aren't fun when people cheat."  Whoa there--still investigating and I'm not 100% it still is fun at this level.  But I remained silent....until Char actually said she wasn't sure what Giselle saw in Tom Brady.  To which I immediately replied that Tom Brady was unequivocally handsome.  And apparently Kevin had already said that exact thing when she made a similar comment earlier.   

Rumor on the street is that Giselle is crazy smart, but I always miss Bridget Moynihan--anybody else?  via
Where was I last week?  Well....I had 8 days off between jobs (I start a new one today), and 6 of them were spent caring for children with stomach viruses.  I managed to stem the spread of cholera, but such vigilance delayed  cancelled the end-of-week post.  

I finally finished my bed (I'll post pics soon) and went through the mail tub (yeah, I pretty much have one of those) but holding down the fort left most of my to do list undone and not as much internet surfed as normal.  There were, however, a few gems that caught my eye.

I'm leading with this because if I pass along one thing it needs to be this video.  So beautifully random.  Carrots!!!

Check out London's most instagrammed restaraunts--a great mix of food porn and decor porn.  None of these have shown up in my insta feed, but I'll take refinery29's word for it.

Chasing down the above chair (I need that chair) led me to a brief article on Dodie Rosenkrans.  The name was familiar (I used to pour of Suzy in high school), but it was nice to re-discover the San Fran style icon (she passed away in 2010).  And because I love an internet wormhole, I also checked out this article on who bought her San Francisco mansion--Roger Barnett and his wife Sloan (nee Lindeman).  The Lindeman fortune comes from her dad, George, who invented soft contact lenses and used the money to invest in a cell phone company (which he later sold for billions).  Sadly I can't find many good images of the interiors of the now-Barnett mansion--their art collection is supposed to be pretty spectacular.

Less talking more pictures:  this house on Micasa, a Spanish home site.  Loving it.

The starburst medallion is surprisingly effective.  DIY here.

This has been all over pinterest, but plenty of goodness here incase you missed it:

More amazing clothes from Valentino.  (But so short, right?).

I don't know what I think about this.  But its a good reminder that the holiday with the best palette is just around the corner.



  1. Best Palette Holiday for sure!!! Valentino's dresses are so beautiful but way short.
    Crazy fun wreaths.

  2. Dancing carrots and Tom Brady- then throw in Valentines Day- does it get any better???