Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 1.12.15

So let's start with some non-internet goodness:  books.  I'm reading Elements of Style and The Furniture Bible, and I can recommend both.  I don't read (the blog) Elements of Style regularly, but I really enjoyed the book.  I actually read all of it.  Erin has a modern take on traditional style, and likes to glam it up a bit.  FYI, I think the cover photo is a little more frou frou than the rest of the book (but I love that buffet).

The Furniture Bible is just that.  I kind of want to buy it for everyone.  It is not super detailed DIY, as it encourages using master craftsmen on high end antiques.  But it helps you identify when not to do it yourself, which is valuable, and is a great primer for antiquing.  Definitely slanted towards French antiques, as the author is a French ex-pat.  And I'm learning so much about wood--no, not being facetious.  I can't put it down.  Also, we need to find out if this guy is single (and straight)--an antiquing French man with an atelier in Brooklyn who is easy on the eyes?  Find the book tour schedule, ladies.  

Now for the interwebs.........Gettin' organized is a popular topic this month.  The Sweetest Occasion did a great roundup of organizing printables.

And on the topic of organization, I'm getting annoyed by the pins posting organizing tips with a handful of photos and some artful text....and one of the photos is an amazing mudroom like this:

Seriously, if your tip is to build a mudroom like this, or to utilize your existing built in cabinetry in a one section per child manner, keep it to yourself.  However, this mudroom was more interesting:

Only 5" of space.  Now, someone might have 5" of space they are under utilizing.  Thanks, internet.

Sadly, my dishwasher is broken and that is putting a damper on my healthy eating and cooking intentions.  But I thought this chart from LifeHacker on Salad parings was nice.  

Wanna feel poor?  Check out this beautiful nursery done in de Gournay wallpaper.   Hot damn I want some of this wallpaper.  Seriously, I wish my kids' combined college funds had this kinda dough.

via Emily Henderson
The biggest thing to hit the interwebs is Lilly Pultizer for Target.  I'm digging the table linens.  But there is apparently a lot of controversy.  Twitter was dominated by Lilly bitches complaining that their clothes are losing cache if people can get it at Target.  

I'm more in the "Lilly for Target is not Lilly Pulitzer" category....I'd like to think people pay for tailoring and finishing, which won't be done by Target's SE Asian factories.  But it is also annoying to buy $100 shift dress for a growing toddler, so I'll be there in April.  And did I mention the table linens?

We really didn't talk about Valentino resort 2015, did we?  I mean....there are monkeys!!!!

And for some historical context, here is Wallis Simpson in her famous Givenchy monkey dress.

And if bunnies and parakeets are more your style....fear not, because Hunt Slonem has a fabric and wallpaper collection for Groundworks.

Finally, Valentine's Day is coming up and I propose this color pallette:

Marsala is the color of the year, after all.

Don't forget to cruise all the Golden Globes redcarpet pics :)


  1. Hey Reilly - Love this week's posting (especially about the De Gournay wallpaper in the nursery). So beautiful and so out of reach!

  2. Can't wait for Lilly at Target. I totally missed the color of the year. Now I have something to say at parties!