Thursday, January 15, 2015

Everything but the house.....

Well, I was planning on posting about the plaster cactus discovery from Cinco de Molly....or at least address some reader requests, but on Wednesday I opened up the computer ostensibly to write a post and spent HOURS on Everything But the House.  Like the whole night.  So I don't have anything much to say, except


I read an article about it's recent infusion of venture capital money and thought " online estate sale site based in Cincinnati--why am I just now hearing about this?" and proceeded to make up for lost time.  

So, obviously this is most relevant to people within driving distance to Cincinnati, but they are expanding (Nashville & Lexington expand the driving radius quite a bit, and South Florida is coming soon) and they seem to have reasonable shipping--at least for small items (instant quote by zip code--isn't technology amazing?).   

For example, this 30"x20" oil painting ships from Cincy to my hometown (around 8 hours away) for $28.  A roll of pennies was going to be $8 to my house (I don't know--it was a whole roll of 1943 steel wheat pennies, and my Dad's bday is coming up.  Seemed like it might be an amusing gift, but I passed).

Now, there was a Giacommeti floor lamp that went for well over $5,000 (and I can't say if that was a "deal" or not) but overall I think the prices are pretty good and nothing is super expensive.  A framed Hermes scarf went for $330 and these 6 Hepplewhite style chairs went for $95 tonight.

They seem to have several auctions that you can peruse at any given time; there are preview days if you are close to the site of one auction.  They recently opened a warehouse here in Indianapolis, and I think they are liquidating our local architectural salvage store next month (yep, calendared that).

Here are a few things I'm watching for this weekend (you can bid any time, like eBay, and you can "watch" things so you have an easy list to reference).  I don't really need any of these, but.....please weigh in.  

$80 at press time.  Kindel.  Fruitwood.

(I was outbid, but it's currently $ again?  It's Henredon, but it's also a project)

Midcentury is pretty popular at $135

Still $44!  I have a weird thing for marquetry.  

No, I don't need another box.

Don't worry--there is weird estate sale stuff, too.  Like several lots of "clip art" from the estate of a local decopauge artist. 

7 mirrors for $40?  Who cares if I don't need mirrors.


  1. Thought I posted a comment. My technology skills are worse than I thought!
    Love the furniture!!! Get the couch.

  2. Isn't it awesome! I did a post on it last year, my Aunt lives in OH and had mentioned it to me. Never bid on anything but man it's addicting!!!