Monday, November 10, 2014

Why, hello there.

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Well, it's officially decorative gourd season, so I had to check back in if only to remind you of your annual reading.  I know its been awhile--sorry, sorry, sorry.  But you know what is super annoying?  People talking about how busy they are.  Because it is boring and only reminds you of how busy you are. So let's catch-up, shall we?

We had some fall photos done, and Henry got baptized and just barely squeezed into the family christening gown.  And all those photos are owned by someone else or on my camera.  But the last soccer game and orienteering field trip are inadequately captured on my phone--lucky you.  

Then there was Halloween.

We carried out our traditional Halloween photos (to capture our original execution before reality and weather destroy our creative vision).

We carved real pumpkins for the first time since before Molly was born.  We've carved the foam ones a couple times, but Charlotte isn't that into it.  Molly on the other hand....well, she cleaned one and carved two and insisted on roasting the pumpkin seeds.   I think she is my little Martha in the making. 

Then it was MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR.  We call it Grown-up Christmas at my house, when the spirit of Franklin Delano Roosevelt comes down your chimney in the early, early morning and blesses you with an extra hour.  

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Court packing?  God complex?  Philanderer? Who gives a shit?  It is all OK when you are freaking out on Sunday afternoon that your weekend is practically over and you look at the clock and realize ITS ONLY 3PM!!!!  Thank you, FDR.

I've decided to start a series of Waterlouges (that app from 6 mos ago that turns photos into fake watercolors you can print) of terrible photos on my phone.  Here are my first two:  

I think this has legs...Mo at the soccer game above may be my next transformation.

Blogosphere wise?  Rewinding a few weeks, the House that Lars Built's Halloween costume contest is worth a look; and I concur Ruth Baby Ginsberg killed it.

These house tours are noteworthy:  

The Selby, here

Desire to Inspire, here

Nick Olsen via Domaine Home, here

The One Room Challenge is finished.  I haven't gone through all 20 (let alone the 70 or so linkers), but it looks like most crossed the finish line.  

You know that Shia Lebouf is a serial killer meme?  Yeah me seems vaguely familiar like I saw it and managed not to use up space in my brain to remember it.  But the peice that started it all has been turned into a full orchestral performance with a choir, dancers and a dramatic finish.  Totally worth a look if you haven't seen it.  Like, I've watched it more than once.  (incase the pic won't play, try here)

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Did you know that Mod Podge has its own aisle now?  I went to grab some the other weekend and HOLY SHIT is it overwhelming.  Well, when your husband and three kids are in the car waiting for you to just "run in" it's overwhelming.  This guide to ModPodge came up on my Pinterest feed and I had sort of ignored it, but it's fo' real--you may need some guidance.  Also, Aunt Peaches made a rhinestone-y sugar skull using Mod Podge Collage Clay so I grabbed some...seemed like it might be useful for Cinco de Molly crafting.  

And there is the constant paper-cutting in the background.  And an interesting bio-plastics deal, a start-up ammunition manufacturer, and I got my white belt in legal Six Sigma.  To go with my black belt in keepin' it real.  

So, what have you been up to?  What did I miss?


  1. Thanks for the annual gourd read. Always fun! The costumes are wonderful!

  2. Mod Podge was a surprise. I will use the guide. I just backed out of the aisle at Hobby Lobby. I hate to go there anyway. It is like the shampoo aisle- I thought I knew what I wanted and now I just feel inadequate!
    Happy Fall!