Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cinco de Molly

I've been so bad about posting lately, let's just jump on into what has been happening around here and my main excuse for not posting the last 2 weeks:  Cinco de Molly.  (All photos by 505 Photo Studio).

The party was a huge success in terms of Molly's approval and (I believe) the guests' enjoyment.  The Silly Safari's animal show was a big hit--this guy kept the kids laughing and captivated for 50 minutes, which is not easy.  So, while my nature is to immediately critique what could have been styled better and dwell on what didn't cross the finish line, let's just enjoy the pics for as long as I can keep my mouth shut.

(Still prepping...see the cart?)
The requisite dessert buffet.  I like disco dust on everything.

A Mexican Soda tasting flight was available, along with Mexican Coke, Coronas and margaritas for the grown ups.  

We started the afternoon with Mo's special request:  Trader Joe's Mini Chicken Tacos, which the Rivi chef was kind enough to get.  We had a nacho bar and some healthier fruit skewers and a veggie tray--you know, to soak up all the fat and sugar.

What did 14 small children do?  There were sugar skull coloring pages and a temporary tattoo station manned by Charlotte & her friend (special aprons convey "I'm with the establishment"), plus a photo booth....which apparently 4/5 yr olds are not that into, but we got some good shots anyway.

The animal show was the main entertainment.  Per Molly's request, the alligator was written into the contract, but the other 9 visitors were surprises--and ranged from a tree frog to a tumbling pigeon to the best behaved Great Dane I've ever seen.  (Don't worry, everyone got to pet things--although the birthday girl clearly got special attention).  

We had dessert, and then a couple more low-key crafts--more coloring, fingerprint cactii, and "papel picado" with colored paper and paper punches.

Molly insisted on maracas as favors.

Lucky for you, photo resizing takes a long time so I need to shut up now and earn some bills.  But I'll give you a Part 2 with the low down on sourcing and my newly developed plaster cactus and papel picado skills--you know I insist on trying at least one new thing with every project, be it party or room.  And like everything here at the Church, many an internet source was consulted so I'll provide a reference guide. We'll discuss possible improvements as well, if I can't help it.


(my less than stellar iPhone shot)
PS:  And incase anyone worried I would be dissuaded by the fact that no one finds this hilarious but me, have no fear--I am not easily derailed.  Tags have two sides.

(another iPhone pic)


  1. Great pictures. The kids look so happy and that is what it is all about----except for the great decorations....

  2. Wow- Beautiful. I love the flower arch. Hilarious...shake responsibly!

  3. Good Lord, I have been waiting on this post! Such a success! And I agree - "Shake Responsibly" is hilarious!

  4. Disco dust is inedible plastic craft glitter, not meant to be used on food.

    To keep something edible, edible glitter made from gum arabic, sanding sugar, or gelatin should be used.