Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekly Devotional: 10.20.14

via Etsy
What's up?  This weekend, I spent one day sick in bed and one day on the road to watch some Conference USA soccer.  So this week will be a mad dash of paper cutting to catch up on my Cinco de Molly schedule.  Oh, and plan some outfits for our fall photos on Saturday.  And decide if Henry gets a proper party for his Baptism on Sunday (I'm sensing no....).

Bailey McCarthy for A Piece of Toast
But I wasted plenty of time on Wednesday catching up on Fall 2014's One Room Challenge.  Highlights for me include A Piece of Toast because Peppermint Bliss is doing the design.  Her post on spending money was really good, and a nice reminder that my ass will be lucky to get bamboo shades as full custom window treatments aren't in my budget. Ever.  (Also, Peppermint Bliss recently posted about some client work and a new reno she is undertaking so if you stopped looking when she semi-quit back in June, check it out).  

Bijou & Boheme

Other notable ORCs are Design Manifest's Kitchen, The Zhush's kitchen, and Bijou & Boheme's bathroom (the cement tiles are so good). Props to anyone who is going to do something involving construction and tile in 6 weeks.  I'll be checking in on new-to-me Abby M. and Stone Textile too.

A short history of fainting couches.

Black for weddings.  A touch of black cuts a lot of the "saccharin" out of party schemes and rooms.  But you know I'm officially "con" on black BM dresses.  For the record.

I stopped looking at Bauble Bar when I realized I was (not so) slowly dropping a lot of money on $40 bargains. stuff is looking tempting.  Evil eye necklace--awesome or creepy?

Since a couple of you mentioned you might try Creative Bug, I thought I'd also pass along Craftsy--another online source for craft classes.  I hear good things about the paper class below--they were pushing it on Oh So Beautiful Paper.  Plus--that guy.

 Because the title is so good (and apropos since we've discussed Gwyneth's philosophy), check out these Conscious Coupling pie recipes.

And finally, these shoes.
Dolce & Gabbana via MatchesFashion

So, so beautiful.  So crazy.  And only $2,565.  Checkbooks out.


  1. The shoes are so fabulous that I can't think of where you could wear them. You would need to have an event to justify them.

  2. I think the paper arts are FUN. I am not sure what to do with them long term and with that much effort I would want them long term. Perhaps the handy mod podge for a more lasting effect.

  3. An event like a coronation for those shoes.