Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekly Devotional: 10.6.14

Oscar de la Renta
Lots of pretty things to look at as it gets COLDER.  Oscar de la Renta has a pin board with the details that are easy to miss on the catwalk.  Via Habitually Chic.

Giambattista Valli in Town & Country

And if that isn't enough Spring 2015 for you, check out Giambattista Valli at the Duke Mansion.  I'm warming to ombre.  

Coveteur did a Dry Shampoo review.  I'm rocking day 3 of my blowout as I write this (granted, it is most def the last day), so you know I was excited to see this.  Also, this reminded me of Oh Happy Day's red lipstick review, here.  

So I can't figure out where to buy prints (and therefore probably can't afford them), but I'm totally loving this photo collection/exhibit.  Plus its called The Incomplete Dictionary of Showbirds.  Which is an awesome name.

My Pipsticks order arrived.  While it was pretty awesome, I'm on the fence about a full subscriptions...$15/month just for weird stickers seems really indulgent.  But there are several people in my house who might disagree.  Well, I'm lying.  $15/month is awesome but...for $35/month you get 3x the stickers (its the family plan).  But I'm thinking the girls can share because $35/month on stickers sounds crazy, no?


What is better than being a lawyer?  Being a lawyer married to George Clooney.  Did anyone buy the People with wedding pics?  I'm avoiding the grocery store but I may break down if they don't all go online this week...was it worthwhile, or a total teaser?  

from A Young Doctor's Notebook

And speaking of come no one told me that John Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe were in a period mini series set in Siberia?  That amount of randomness makes my head explode.  Anybody seen it?  I'm looking into streaming options.  

And finally, a PSA:  if you think you smell gas...just call the gas company, even if you have this carbon monoxide and natural gas detector (plugged in) in the are where you are smelling gas.  I finally called last week....and after locating SEVERAL leaks I was told it would be cheaper to just replace all my gas lines than fix the leaks in my existing black pipe (it was $2700 with 4 gas appliances btw, incase you are contemplating buying that insurance).  And that alarm never went off.  Like ever.  But the Citizens guy's alarm/monitor went off...when he walked into my living room.  I might just write an angry letter.  Also, they come by your house very fast when you report a possible link.  'Cuz that shit can explode.  

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  1. Love the stickers- even though the family plan is financially sound, they will be everywhere. Can you believe I am saying don't get the deal...Love the birds. Ombre can be awesome. What a dress. Missed the Siberia mini series. I am on Netflix- Call the Midwife has a new season :-) The gas leak was terrifying. I think at least a mean letter to First Alert. I trust those things. I worry about many things but house explosions were not on the old list.