Thursday, October 2, 2014

Just ebay it: Dansk

In what will likely be a recurring column here at the Church, I recommend the following ebay search term:

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Dansk, for the uninitiated, is a tableware company established in 1954.  It is American, but pushed a Scandinavian modern aesthetic.  Read the wikipedia entry here--knowledge is power.  


What are we looking for with this search?  Namely, vintage Kobenstyle enamel ware.  In general, enamelware is awesome.  But Kobenstyle is extra awesome for its rainbow of colors and delightfully designed handles.  Not only do they look good, but they are functional--you can slide a spoon under the handle in order to lift the lid off the pot when it is hot.  

If you have limited kitchen storage and find your large stock pot or dutch oven out on your stove top more than you care to admit....time to get an awesome one.  Check out the rainbow of enamels available.  Oh yeah, they are super cheap too.  

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Also--etsy has a huge Kobenstyle selection.  

Online auction tips:
  • No chips on areas that will touch food.  
  • Gray looking scratches may be OK.  Enamel is pretty hard, so more than likely this is like a scuff mark and can be cleaned off.  
  • Read this blog article on collectibility issues (some logos are better than others).  Also has an easy cleaning method (boiling with baking soda) from Dansk.
  • Read this Martha article on collecting vintage enamelware--its full of good tips (like you can clean it with oven cleaner--who knew?)

Dansk is reissuing the Kobenstyle design, so you can grab new ones in red or navy (even stainless options) if used pots gross you out.  

New, but still via eBay

Other random goodness discovered in my Dansk search:

Flamestone (I'm getting really into matte finishes these days),   

the "Arabesque" pattern,

And these glasses.

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