Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekly Devotional: 10.13.14

Happy Columbus Day!  Only a brief devotional as it is a holiday...for postal workers.

Make some clever connection between Columbus Day, Indigenous People's Day, and this stuff:  temporary gold tattoos.  They are making an appearance at Cinco De Molly, and while this look is , at first blush, too self-indulgent-bohemian for me, the bracelets are really starting to grow on me.  

I just subscribed to Creative Bug, which has online craft classes.   I paid for the Livia Cetti classes on paper flowers, but their free content is kind of awesome if you are a craft nerd...15 minutes on Glue?  Glittering 101?  Yes, please. 

via Apartment Therapy

Hey, renters:  Pretty up your apartment with temporary improvements (focuses on wallpaper and flooring).  
via the Hunted Interior

Not renting?  Then check out some good tips on adding molding to your home.  

Why not?  The most dazzling backs of fashion month.

New to me fabric house Rodolph is pretty interesting.

How random is this?  Random, but I still compulsively saved it should I ever need a good ampersand.  My pinterest feed is full of this shit.

Still considering a Halloween costume?  I recommend these two:
Never Ending Story via

Shrimp Cocktail via

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  1. I loved the temp wallpaper ideas. I clicked on the link and just got deeper and deeper----I am going to try Creative Bug. Looks amazing. Thanks!