Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekly Devotional: 9.29.14

The universe sensed that I had everything ready to paint Henry's shades and generally experiment with fabric medium, so of course I got slammed.  No Friday post, and I spent my dance-class free Saturday and Sunday in the office.  C'est la vie.  So here's some stuff I was going to share last week--it was a good week on the internet if not in my office.

This house tour.  Sooooo good (and its a 700 sq ft apartment).  I'm thinking about stealing that coffee table (its from Arteriors).

If you aren't following Richard Simmons on Facebook you should be.  Not as amazing as Motivational Biden, but a source of inspiration all the same.

The Guardian had two interesting features on photography books that will be coming out.  First, a book on playgrounds around the world.

by James Mollison
Second, about China's Dwarf Empire.

Sanne de Wilde
It has really made me think of the photo book-as-art medium.  When I have bought photography books they have tended to be more collections of stand alone works.  These are like still documentaries....

Hopefully the .gif below is workings....I present the Melting Rainbow Cake from Hungry Happenings.  

But more important than the ganache technique is the shape.  I'm all about this loaf shape.  A little different, and so easy and stylish to serve.

When serving said cake, I can hand out one of these fabulous napkins.  Even though I never actually have anyone over, I like the idea of having monogrammed napkins around.  This company has some of the best options I've seen.

If you need a pep talk, try this guy.  Ahhh, to be 18 and on top of the world.  Also in the world of online video, check out Tales of Endearment at 2:30pm Tuesday the 30th to see the Valentino show live.  You can tell me about it.  

Finally, I'm disappointed in my Facebook and pinterest feeds--after swimming in Maya Angelou and Robin Williams quotes, there was almost no mention of the passing of the Duchess of Devonshire last week.    

Bruce Weber, via Tumblr

Apparently my people are on Tumblr.  Not only is Deborah Cavendish the subject of this amazing Bruce Weber portrait that I've saved for years, she is super interesting and the last of the Mitford sisters.  Her autobiography Wait for Me is supposed to be fascinating (it's on my never ending and never shortening list of to-read).  In his official statement, the Prince of Wales mentioned her excellent turn of phrase--I can think of nothing better to be remembered for.

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  1. The inspired football player was great. So nice to be young and optimistic. The cake is fun. I didn't think about loaf design but very nice. Gotta love the Mitford sisters. I am embarrassed to say I didn't know there was a brother. Yikes.